‘Jersey Shore’ Star Deena Cortese Speaks Out On Wedding Toast That Infuriated Angelina Pivarnick

Eugene GologurskyGetty Images

The women of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation have stayed mostly silent about the drama that recently went down at Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding to Christopher Larangeira this past Wednesday. It was reported earlier this week that Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley, Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, and Deena Cortese gave a group speech as Angelina’s bridesmaids, which was not well-received by the crowd or the bride. Angelina was reportedly so upset she stormed off and hasn’t talked to the three women since. Deena is now speaking out about what happened during the toast after she was getting slammed on Instagram and people began attacking her son.

“Our speech was not meant to be malicious.. we actually did a lot while filming with Angelina for her wedding.. I’m not a mean person and our intentions were never negative.. yes we had a ‘roast part’ which yes I understand no one agrees with but [Chris’s] one brother brought up his period sh*t tattoo.. so why is us making jokes during a speech a problem,” Deena wrote on Instagram according to Us Weekly.

Deena’s account is currently set to private and the reality star only has around 2,300 followers. Her profile picture has been changed to the color black, and it seems like the mother is truly upset about the way people are attacking her 10-month-old son just because of a wedding speech she gave.

According to Us Weekly, some people began writing in Deena’s Instagram comments section that they hoped someone would roast her son at his own wedding someday, while others called her a “sh*tty heartless person.” The troll even suggested Deena’s husband leave her and take their son to be with a “real mother.”

“We truly thought she was going to laugh and right after we went into how lucky we are to have her in our lives and she’s the sister we needed in the house,” Deena continued about the speech.

The Jersey Shore star also said she was going to stay quiet on the whole matter, but once people started dragging her son Christopher, she knew it was time to speak up. At this time, Jenni and Nicole have not commented on what went down at the wedding and it’s not clear if they will address it in the future.

Despite Deena claiming the group’s jokes were all in good fun, the three women were apparently booed by the crowd at the reception for their bad taste comments. Angelina and Chris’s wedding was filmed for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation so fans can judge for themselves if the jokes were too cruel when the episode airs next year.