'The Challenge' Season 35 Spoilers: Mastermind Legend Is Eliminated

Another one bites the dust on The Challenge Season 35. The next season of MTV's hit reality franchise is currently filming in Prague, Czech Republic and more than a handful of competitors have been sent home. The newest spoiler coming from the gossip sights are saying Wes Bergmann is the latest casualty of the show. Pink Rose posted the news on The Challenge Vevmo page on Saturday evening, and many fans are showing their elation on Twitter.

Wes follows a growing line of veterans out the door, which is somewhat surprising given how many rookies are currently left in the game. Other veterans who have also been eliminated this season include Ashley Mitchell, Jenna Compono, Kailah Casillas, Stephen Bear, Jordan Wiseley, C.T. Tamburello, and Tori Deal. Out of that bunch, it seems everyone was eliminated fairly except for Tori and Jordan, who reportedly left for some sort of family emergency.

Pink Rose has not yet stated how Wes was eliminated from the game, or by the hands of whom. He was rumored to be working with Johnny Bananas at one point and allegedly had an alliance with four of the newbie Big Brother rookies. The theme for Season 35 is an individual format, with no teams anywhere in sight.

The Challenge insider also suggested that another male has been eliminated from the game, but didn't give details on the mystery man just yet. A few days ago, both Jenna and Kailah were listed as eliminated within the same day, but this doesn't mean they were sent home from the game at the exact same time. This could be the case with Wes and the unknown player.

Over on Twitter, many fans have been tagging Da'Vonne Rogers in posts where Wes was reported as eliminated. It's no secret to viewers of the show that the duo did not get along. Da'Vonne even jumped in on the tweeting and wrote that she hoped that one of the Big Brother contestants was the one who sent her enemy home. Kaycee Clark, Faysal "Fessy" Shafaat, Chris "Swaggy C" Williams, Bayleigh Dayton and Josh Martinez are all holding strong for the CBS reality series and could have been the force that sent the Challenge mastermind home.

Other tweets from fans expressed a desire for Bananas to be sent home next since he is one of the only Challenge big wigs still in the house. Aneesa Ferreira is also still in the game, as well as Nany Gonzalaz.

The Challenge Season 35 is expected to debut in early 2020 on MTV.