Tamara Braun Dishes On Her ‘General Hospital’ Exit, Says She Was ‘A Little Shocked’

Craig SjodinABC

Tamara Braun has been let go from ABC’s General Hospital. Her last scenes were with Rebecca Budig, who plays the role of Hayden Barnes, which aired last week as she left Port Charles for good. The actress spoke to Soap Opera Digest about her exit from the soap and how it all went down.

Her character of Kim Nero was supposed to leave town with Franco, but as spoilers from SheKnows Soaps teases for this week, Franco is still in Port Charles. Kim left without him. That was the last viewers would see of her. The print version of the soap magazine had Tamara’s Braun’s exit interview as she dished on how she found out that Kim Nero would be written out and how she felt about it.

Tamara said that she was on vacation when she got word from her reps that she would be taping her last scenes. It sounds like she was not expecting that at all. In fact, it was General Hospital‘s executive producer, Frank Valentini, who had previously mentioned to her about a big storyline that was in store for her character. Once she got word that she was losing her job, the 48-year-old said that it was “a little shocking.”

When the magazine made mention of the previous storyline where Kim drugged Drew Cain so she could proceed, without his permission, to have his baby. Most viewers expressed their anger toward it and it appears that Tamara Braun wasn’t a fan of the whole thing either. She said that she felt that was the first “warning sign” that her character would be written off soon.

She also explained on how much she struggled with that storyline. She didn’t think that it was explored enough or handled with care.

“This is no longer the day where rape turns into everlasting love. And it shouldn’t be. So, for me, I had concerns on a personal level, on a human level. What are we doing and putting this out there for?” she said.

The soap star also knows how unlikable Kim Nero had become after what she tried to do to Drew. She realized that no one had any sympathy for her after a while. However, Tamara did say that she is proud of the work she did during Oscar’s death. She also noted on how much she loved working with her on screen love, William deVry.

It was only less than two weeks ago that the news was confirmed of Tamara Braun’s departure from General Hospital. There had been rumors swirling that she was let go and she had confirmed that it was true at a recent fan event.

Now that Kim Nero is gone, her ex, Julian Jerome, has his sights set on destroying his son-in-law, Brad. Her other ex has stayed in town to give Franco a chance to come back to Liz and the boys.

There is much more to come this week on General Hospital.