Lauren London Celebrates Nipsey Hussle’s Grammy Nominations With A Touching Instagram Post

Randy ShropshireGetty Images

Lauren London recently shared her happiness that her late boyfriend, Nipsey Hussle, has been nominated for three Grammy awards.

The actress celebrated the “Racks in the Middle” rapper’s nominations with a photo on her personal Instagram page. In the photo, Hussle is seen sitting on a car outside of a house. He is wearing a plain black T-shirt, a silver chain, and has a handful of money that is visible in the photo. The rapper is seen with a stern expression on his face as he looks off to one side. He is also wearing a silver diamond stud earring in the photo.

In her caption, London expressed how proud she was of her longtime love and father of her child. She shared that she was “humbled” to have been around him and to witness the work that he put into his music prior to her death. She also noted that the rapper was once again nominated for an award for the 2020 music event.

At the time of writing, the photo of Hussle has received more than 1 million likes. The photo also received more than 20,000 comments from Hussle and London’s fans.

“So deserving,” one follower wrote.

“We still feel him he not gone,” another fan chimed in.

“You was loved by GREATNESS,” another follower said.

“Nip the great,” another fan wrote.

The Grammy nominations were announced on Wednesday, November 20. According to Hollywood Life, Hussle is nominated for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song for “Racks in the Middle.” The rapper is also nominated for Best Rap/Song Collaboration for his contribution to DJ Khaled’s “Higher,” which also features John Legend.

Once the nominations were announced, Twitter users took to the site to predict their thoughts on if Hussle would take home an award when the ceremony is held in February.

“I know Nipsey Hussle is going to get that Grammy and I know I’m going to cry my a** off when Lauren London gives that speech,” one fan predicted on Twitter.

Hussle was shot and killed by Eric Holder back in March. The rapper was outside of his clothing store, Marathon, when the shooting took place. The rapper’s death sent shockwaves across the world, as he was remembered by millions of fans and multiple people in the music and entertainment industry, including YG, DJ Khaled, T.I., Cardi B, and several others.

In addition to London, Hussle left behind their son, Kross Asghedom, and his daughter Emani.