Gwen Stefani Spreads Her Legs As She Sits On A Throne To Celebrate ‘Love. Angel. Music. Baby.’ Anniversary

Arnold JerockiGetty Images

As Gwen Stefani continued to celebrate the 15th anniversary of her album, Love. Angel. Music. Baby., she sat on a Renaissance-style throne while holding a slightly blinged-out silver scepter in her hand. The “Baby Don’t Lie” hitmaker spread her legs wide as she rested on and against the regal chair’s soft velvet cushions.

For the black-and-white shot, the 50-year-old superstar wore her white-blond hair in huge curls that framed her face full of makeup. She appeared to be rocking red lipstick and copious amounts of eye makeup as she was featured in the picture she posted on Instagram on Saturday.

Gwen was dressed down for the image. She wore a sleeveless white shirt featuring ruffled edges and a big stone in the front. Her bra peeked out from underneath the top, allowing a hint of her cleavage to appear in the photo. She also rocked very short shorts that were also edged in tiny ruffles. Meanwhile, her feet were planted into platform heels with a lace-up feature that reached the middle of her calf. Her enviable legs, swathed in nude-colored, skintight leggings, were very much in evidence in the clever image.

As Gwen ruled over her 9.3 million Instagram subjects, she peered coyly into the camera. Since the elaborate throne was so big and decorative, The Voice co-host seemed tiny in comparison. Still, she was not ignored on the Internet during the weekend commemorating her first solo album, entitled “Love. Angel. Music. Baby.,” and named after the Harajuku Girls backup dancers who toured with Gwen as the collection of songs was being promoted, according to Billboard.

“…the girls were cast to be dancers — that’s all. We went to Nobu in London and we talked about the concept of the record and I showed them my style bible. Judging by their own personalities, I called them ‘Love,’ ‘Angel,’ ‘Music’ and ‘Baby.’ It was like we were creating a group together.”

The former No Doubt lead singer holds many fond memories regarding her initial dive into being a solo artist. So do her fans, as evidenced by the more than 1,100 comments Gwen received on her most recent Instagram post.

Many expressed their feelings via emoji, including the symbols for trophies, red and purple hearts, flames, and thumbs up.

Others wrote comments with more depth.

“This album changed My life, i was so happy listening to it after school, those were good days,” stated one nostalgic fan, who added a heart-faced emoji to the comment.

“This specific era from you encouraged my 12-year-old self to be EXACTLY who I am: as wild, blinding, different as I was with no fear of criticism!” said another sincere social media admirer of Gwen’s first solo effort.