Cardi B Says She's Sticking By Her 'Brother' T.I.'s Side, Weeks After His Remarks About His Daughter

Cardi B recently shared that she will continue to support T.I. despite his recent headlines.

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper recently spoke with People about the success of her rap competition show, Rhythm and Flow, per Hollywood Life. Cardi films the show with both T.I. and Chance The Rapper. During her interview, Cardi reflected on the success of the first season of the show. She said that, while she felt lost about her role on the show at first, she was happy to see how the show turned out and how the audience gravitated to it.

Cardi also expressed how fun it was getting to know T.I. and Chance while the three were filming the show. She said that, while they knew of each other beforehand, working together brought them closer together and helped to bring a better relationship dynamic between them.

"We had such a good connection and we had like really good conversations and they were just so funny," Cardi remembers. "It was like when you go to school and you sit with your classmates and y'all at the table, they crack jokes and stuff. That's how it felt."

Cardi also said that the experience kept her in a bond with her co-stars for life. While referring to both T.I. and Chance as her "brothers," Cardi expressed that she would continue to be there for them if needed, long after they stop filming the Netflix competition.

"Every single time that I see them on social media I be like, 'That's my brother, that's my brother,'" she said. "If they wrong or right, that's my brother and that's that."

While Cardi didn't elaborate on what she sees about T.I. or Chance on social media, T.I. did recently create a buzz after he made a recent comment about his daughter, Deyjah Harris. The rapper shared that he routinely takes his daughter to the gynecologist's office to ensure that her hymen is still intact.

The rapper's comments were discussed on social media frequently, as users debated if T.I. should've disclosed his daughter's information in a public way. The comments were also reportedly what attributed to Deyjah unfollowing multiple members of her family on social media before deactivating her own account.

While T.I. hasn't addressed the comments publicly yet, he is set to discuss his side of the story on Red Table Talk on Monday, November 25.

The first season of Rhythm and Flow is now available to stream on Netflix.