Madi Edwards Soaks Up The Sun In A Purple Bikini At Laguna Beach

Madi Edwards shared a series of four new bikini pics with her Instagram fans today, as she soaked up the rays in Laguna Beach, California. The model was seen showing off her toned body in a variety of poses, with the first photo of the set arguably being the most flirty. Madi was seen standing while facing the camera diagonally and propped out her left knee. Meanwhile, she threw her hands into the air above her while sticking her tongue out. The light purple bikini popped against her tan skin, as she closed her eyes for the shot. She also wore a light gray bucket hat, as her locks cascaded down the front of her shoulders. Her toned midriff was on full display.

The second photo showed the stunner posing while looking down at the ground, as she tugged on her bikini bottoms. The next photo showcased her bare derriere, as she revealed that her swimsuit had a thong-cut. She popped out her left knee while smiling and looking over her left shoulder.

The final shot showed Madi looking straight at the camera as she played with her straps. The wind blew her hair into her face a little, as she smiled with her lips closed.

Behind her was a stretch of sandy beach, which gave way to a cliff with palm trees and large oceanfront homes. A bright white staircase could also be seen, with a large rock formation near the base. The cliff was covered by a variety of green foliage.

It appeared to be a sunny day when the photoshoot was going on, with blue skies and wispy clouds visible in the background. The sun hit Madi's body and made it look like her skin was glowing. She cast a small shadow on the sand behind her. The images also made it appear as though she were alone on the beach that day.

Fans gushed about her good looks in the comments section.

"Girl that colour is fabulous," raved a follower.

"#damnthighgaps #whatabody," noted a fan.

"There's my girl," wrote an admirer.

"Thank you," said a fourth Instagram user.

The bombshell sported the same or similar-looking bikini last June when she was spotted in Fiji. The post was geotagged at the Shanghai-la's Fijian Resort & Spa, as she posed in front of palm trees. The idyllic blue ocean was visible in the backdrop, as she played with her hair and smiled widely. She looked as tan as ever, as she accessorized with a silver charm necklace. The sky was covered with wispy clouds.