Sommer Ray Pulls On A Piece Of Chewed Bubble Gum Caught Between Her Teeth As She Poses In A Sexy Pink Ensemble

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Sommer Ray likes to have fun while she models for photos. In her most recent Instagram upload shared on November 23, the 23-year-old athletic social media personality posed in two similar pictures, with the second shot less formal than the first.

Sommer wore a one-piece ensemble in both images. The bubblegum pink garment, which resembles lingerie, but is likely a swimsuit, was cut extremely high up on the beauty’s thigh, almost reaching waist level. The back of her sartorial statement for Saturday dipped down low as Sommer stood with her back to the camera while she twisted her body to face front for the two poses.

Her luscious, multi-toned mane was gathered on the top of her head, held together with a rose-colored scrunchie to compliment her outfit. Her long tresses hit at bosom level as her hair grazed her breasts in her first of two social media images.

Her expression in that photo was a bit coy and her full face of makeup was appealing. She rocked groomed brows, pink shadow and highlighter, prominent black mascara, and a natural pout. She added a bit of bling to her look, with small gold hoop earrings, a couple of bracelets, a gold choker, and a bunch of rings on the fingers.

Sommer’s stance in the second picture of the pack was much looser than the first. The popular Instagram model goofed around as she bit on a piece of chewed bubble gum that she held between her teeth, pulling the stretchable substance with her hand while she laughed at her fun-loving effort. Her thick hair flew forward as she bent her head to do her bubble gum bit, adding an amusing element to the otherwise stagnant photo session.

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hi bb

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Sommer’s 23.1 million fans and followers liked the post, while more than 1,800 of them commented on the entertaining and sexy Instagram pics. Many used emoji, like flames, heart-eye faces, and red hearts, to convey their thoughts.

Many others expressed themselves in phrases and sentences, with at least a few admirers asking Sommer for her hand in marriage. Other comments were more realistic.

“Pink is my favorite color,” mused one Instagram user.

“Love from Greece,” stated a second fan, who added a red heart emoji.

“Wedgie goddess,” commented a third admirer, who apparently noticed that Sommer’s pink outfit was caught between her legs.

“Next time more plz these brighten my day,” said a fourth fan, who was not shy about asking Sommer to post pictures on Instagram more often than she has been. Sommer posts with great regularity.