Bella Thorne Gets Steamy In Topless Shower Video, As She Shows Off Her Growing Hair

Theo WargoGetty Images

Bella Thorne got steamy in a new Instagram video, as she showed off her growing hair with her fans. She was seen posing topless, as the frame captured her from her chest up. The shower was running in the background, as the actress seemingly stepped out of the water to take the video. She was seen censoring her chest with her left arm, as she played with her locks with her right hand. Her hair looked completely drenched, as she pulled it behind her shoulders.

Bella alternated between posing very close to the camera and standing further away, all the while giving coy looks. It looked like she wasn’t wearing any makeup, as she pursed her lips seductively. And even though she was getting drenched in the shower, she still wore a silver watch on her right wrist along with multiple bracelets on her left.

The stunner faced her back to the camera at one point, as she continued to brush her hair with her hand. She then used both of her hands to fluff up her locks, before eventually returning to her initial pose. At the end of the clip, Bella smiled with her lips closed, as she seemed to giggle to herself.

Behind the bombshell was a marbled shower wall with two small white shelves in the corner. The captions revealed that she was happy about her hair finally growing out after she cut it for a role last August.

Fans gushed about Bella in the comments section, with plenty of people focusing on her hair.

“This is motivation to all you ladies out there that don’t think you can restore your hair, Bella did it, so can you,” said a follower.

“Nice video Bella you look really stunning,” raved a fan.

“Am I the only one that is not looking at her hair,” asked an admirer.

“Girl, you look good in any sort of way. Its the inside that counts that shines through the outside, in every way you look,” wrote a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, the stunner shared topless shower pics earlier this month. She shared two images, one which was a close-up photo of her face, and another that showed her from further away. She pursed her lips, while water beaded on her arms. Her sideboob was showing in the second photo, as light streamed through a window from the left side of the frame. A low shower head could be seen in the background, which was turned on for the shot.