Carrie Underwood Celebrates Barnes & Noble Vinyl Weekend With Her 'Cry Pretty' Picture Album Exclusive

On Halloween, Carrie Underwood completed her "Cry Pretty 360 Tour," which drew sellout crowds all over the North America. Now, the country crooner is inviting those fans and others who weren't able to snag a ticket to any of her recent concerts to listen to the music she performed in a special way. Her latest Instagram post offered Carrie's 9.2 million fans and followers the chance to celebrate Barnes & Noble's three-day vinyl weekend, which ends on November 24, by offering her Cry Pretty picture album in an exclusive deal.

The popular chain of bookstores, which stocks everything from bestselling novels to turntables to popular magazines, praised the American Idol winner, who has become a worldwide superstar. On its site, a Barnes & Noble blog raved about Carrie's current album.

"Cry Pretty is Carrie Underwood's sixth album, but it's very much an album of firsts: it is her first album with Capitol Records Nashville and marks her first time co-producing her own work. Notably, her performance of the title track at this year's Academy of Country Music Awards received much critical praise, and that song also topped the Digital Songs chart the week it was released—another first for the artist... 'Cry Pretty' is a soulful, dynamic song about not being able to hide one's emotions forever, and it is just one track on what is possibly Carrie's best record yet."
The Barnes & Noble exclusive version of Cry Pretty features full-color vinyl art, with Carrie standing at a mic while dressed in her typical garb of short shorts, a skintight, long-sleeved top, and over-the-knee stiletto boots. Her long blond hair is parted on the side and hits the top of her breasts, as she puts one hand up to fool with her tresses while her other hand caresses the mic.

The other side of the album featured a close-up picture of Carrie. She has mascara and eyeliner smeared on her face as if she had been crying and she holds one hand up, with a finger delicately touching a point underneath one eye. She definitely looks pretty even though she had apparently shed some tears before the snap was taken. The B side of the vinyl disc also offers a complete list of the album's songs

A number of Carrie's admirers were keen on her most recent social media share. After being uploaded for less than half an hour, she has earned more than 2,800 likes and dozens of comments. Many fans used emoji to convey their thoughts, with crying-laughing face, heart-face, and heart emoji being popular.

Others used words to address Carrie.

"How about releasing some hearts, carnival ride, play on, and blown away on vinyl?" asked one fan, who added a blue heart emoji.

"I feel like this is her 'miseducation of Lauryn Hill' a Hallmark record. all time great," said another Instagram user.

"Just grabbed one [Cry Pretty album] didn't know this picture disc vinyl existed," remarked a third fan, who appropriately completed his thought about Carrie's special Barnes & Noble picture album with a crying face emoji.