Kate Middleton & Prince William Reportedly Confront Radio Host Greg James For Jabbing At Princess Charlotte

BBC radio host, Greg James, made a jab regarding Princess Charlotte during his Breakfast with Greg James show. And little did he realize at the time that he would eventually have to answer to her royal parents.

Greg made a joke in September about the moment when Charlotte shook hands with Helen Haslem, the head of lower school at Thomas's Battersea in London. The interaction was highly publicized, considering it was the royal children's first day of school. Helen greeted Charlotte, Prince George, and the parents with a handshake. It was this moment that prompted the radio host to comment on-air, according to People. He noted that he saw a photo of Charlotte shaking hands with Helen before making his observations.

"Who the hell shakes hands with their teacher on the first day?" he asked.

Greg also elaborated that not only did the royal parents hear that, but they also heard him elaborate.

"This school was so posh they had to shake hands with their teacher every day. They were not like that in my day. You were pleased if you got a smile."
That might have been the end of it, but it turned out that Greg was invited to Kensington Palace weeks later for Radio 1's Teen Heroes. It was then that he was confronted by the royals.

"[Kate and William] were listening on the morning Charlotte went to school," Greg explained.

"We were listening on the morning of little Charlotte's first day, and we want to talk to you about the handshaking thing," he recalled the parents saying.

"Oh God, no!" exclaimed the radio host in response.

"I'm sure it's all absolutely fine," he added, suggesting that the royals weren't holding any grudges.

Greg didn't reveal any more details from the exchange.

The radio host is potentially going to be much more careful about future comments about Charlotte or any of the royal children. The relationship between the royals and the media is seemingly a constant give-and-take, but Kate and William seemingly made it clear that they won't stand for people making jabs at their children as they grow up in the public eye.

In addition, the beginning of school for Charlotte signifies a new change, as she will be called "Charlotte Cambridge" for the first time. Her brother, who has already been attending the school, has been going by "George Cambridge." Until this point, the little girl has only been referred to as "Princess Charlotte."