Brandi Passante Puts Curvaceous Derriere On Display In Snug Jeans With Crossed Legs

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

All of Brandi Passante’s Instagram followers’ eyes were on her curvaceous derriere, as the Storage Wars queen sat in a Victorian-style chair with her legs crossed while rocking a snug pair of blue jeans.

The photo featured the blond bombshell in the Gypsi Tearoom in Hollywood, as she appeared to be having her fortune read. Brandi tagged several of her friends who were presumably hanging out with her at the time, before noting that she saw a “hangover” in everyone’s future.

Passante sat with one leg crossed over the top of her other as she had her back toward one of the chair arms with the actual back of the chair off to her side. The combination of the odd position she sat in and her snug jeans allowed her to flaunt her curvy form for the camera.

In the fashion department, Brandi paired her snug blue jeans with a black T-shirt and a white jacket that appeared to be sliding off her shoulders. Passante had her eyes squeezed shut in the snapshot as she held hands with another blonde who was sitting in the same position.

The other woman in the photo had her knees pressed together instead of crossing one leg over the other.

The snapshot oozed Victorian era vibes as the chairs the two woman sat on, as well as the small stool under the table, looked as though they’d been plucked from the late 19th century.

In less than 24 hours, her followers showered the photo with over 3,000 likes and just shy of 50 comments.

As The Inquisitr reported in September, rumors swirled on social media that Brandi and her Storage Wars king, Jarrod Schulz, were no longer an item. While the end of their relationship was never officially confirmed, Passante has been steadily having a wonderful time surrounded by those she cares about on Instagram. Notably, Jarrod hasn’t been anywhere in sight.

While the chatter and questions regarding their relationship has died down some, Brandi did have a few individuals question where Jarrod was and why he wasn’t in any of her photos. One individual asked where Jarrod was and chased the comment with several exclamation points and question marks.

Unfortunately, Brandi did have a dash of criticism in the comments of her latest snap as well.

“Anyone could tell us, yr bored n lonely! Obviously,” one individual penned in the comments.

The Storage Wars alum also had several individuals note that they would have been happy to give her a free psychic reading.