Kate Beckinsale Rocks A Sports Bra And Skintight Leggings, Hangs Upside Down For Intense Ab Workout

Kate Beckinsale gave her fans a glimpse of some of the hard work that goes into keeping her physique looking so fabulous. On Saturday, the 46-year-old Underworld star took to Instagram to share a workout video with her 3.6 million Instagram followers. In the short clip, she was performing a somewhat daring ab exercise.

For her fitness routine, Kate Beckinsale rocked tight black workout leggings, black Nike trainers, and a sturdy white sports bra that held her chest firmly in place. Kate needed a supportive top since her workout required her being upside down.

Kate was working out in a gym, where a set of monkey bars had been installed over some of the other fitness equipment. They were high up in the air, and the bars arched in the middle, presenting gym goers with even more of a challenge as they worked their way across the apparatus, rung-by-rung. However, Kate Beckinsale wasn't using the bars for an arm workout. Instead, she had her ankles planted firmly underneath one rung, and her knees were bent around the next rung.

Kate was dangling upside down over a small platform, and she was engaging her abdominal muscles to pull her body all the way up to the bars. She grabbed one of the rungs with her hands and paused for a moment before letting go and returning to her precarious starting position.

After performing five reps of this exercise, she stopped with her hands around a rung. She then readjusted her legs so that the backs of her ankles were resting on top of the rung that had previously been behind her knees.

Kate straightened and bent her legs two times, thrusting her backside downward as she gave the camera a cheeky smile. After this, she removed her legs from the bars so that she was dangling by her arms.

Kate's tiny waist and strong back were firm and toned, so her workout was clearly working. In the caption of her post, she mentioned celebrity trainer Gunnar Petersen. However, it's unclear if he was present during her gym session.

Kate Beckinsale's video received nearly 30,000 likes in just half an hour. Her Instagram followers also took to the comments section of her post to let her know how impressed they were by her athletic display of strength and skill.

"Wow! I'd probably head butt the bars if I did this and end up with a black eye," wrote one fan.

"Damn! Get it girl! My back hurts just watching this," another remarked.

"The commitment you have to fitness is freaking impressive! I feel like such a lazy person whenever I see your workout vids. You look great!" read a third response to her post.

This isn't the only fitness video that has wowed Kate Beckinsale's fans. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she displayed her incredible flexibility by allowing trainer Brad Siskind to push her foot up above her head in another Instagram video shot at the gym.