Sara Underwood Poses Topless In A Mud Hole, With A Herd Of Horses, & In A Moss Grove In Iceland Photo Series

Sara Underwood showed her adventurous side in a series of provocative photos taken in Iceland.

She posted the 10-picture pack on Instagram on November 23, making an enticing case for visiting the Nordic nation. The dramatic landscape of the island country, which includes volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, and lava fields, served as the perfect background for the beautiful blond model who likes to model in unexpected places.

In the first photo, Sara posed against a mighty glacier backdrop as she rocked a wide-brimmed felt hat and a two-piece white ensemble with a bra-like top, exposing her bountiful cleavage and taut tummy, and a long skirt with an upper thigh-high slit revealing her toned legs. The 35-year-old stunner was surrounded by a harem of wild horses who seemed to appreciate Sara’s good looks.

In the second shot, Sara was snapped while frolicking in a verdant moss grove. She wore a bright red dress with a daring neckline that dipped down to her waist and showcased her abundant side boobs. As she threw her arms in the air on what appeared to be a windy day in Iceland, the 2017 Playboy playmate of the year’s full skirt blew open to reveal her perfect pins as her toes dug into the mushy olive green moss.

For the third image, Sara stood in front of a gushing geyser. Her back was to the camera, allowing the flowing water to become the featured aspect of this award-worthy photograph.

The next image showcased Sara as she sank into a mudhole in a topless shot that indicated the American adventurer was in her element. Her hair was wild and free as she closed her eyes to take in the sensual soaking sensation. Then an inspirational waterfall accompanied Sara as she stood at the bottom of the falling water in the subsequent snap.

In the sixth image, Sara sat on a rock in the middle of a sea of melting glaciers. She modeled a red-and-black cap, striped pants, a white t-shirt with a deeply plunging neckline revealing her sumptuous breasts, and a jean jacket lined in fleece. After that, the versatile celebrity posed in a nearly barren area that seemed to show debris from a volcano. In the shot, she wore jeans, a crop top, and suede boots. Her face belied her mood as she smiled for the camera.

The next photo captured Sara as she sat covered in water in a hot spring while snowflakes fell around her. She wore a dark red cap and matching bikini top as this visitor to Iceland looked in wonder at the surrounding landscape. In the following snap, the daring model perched on the edge of an embankment filled with lava rock columns. Her colorful attire, including blue-and-fuchsia striped pants and a torn jean jacket, stood out from her jawdropping environment.

And finally, in the final image of the Instagram series, Sara sat with her head thrown back and her enviable legs in full view as she was photographed in a surreal environment that seemed to capture the magic of Iceland in one single snap.