‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Keegan Allen Calls Follower’s Bet On Instagram

Despite having 6.5 million followers on Instagram, Pretty Little Liars star Keegan Allen didn’t miss a beat when one of his followers placed a bet in the comments of his post shortly after he uploaded it to his profile.

It was less than an hour ago that Keegan posted a video clip that was roughly a minute long. In the clip, the actor revealed that he would be at the German Comic Con on December 7 and 8. He noted that he looked forward to meeting with some of his fans during the convention.

The video featured Keegan rocking his lengthy brunette tresses in a top knot. The hairstyle choice was similar to what Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco and her husband, Karl Cook, were recently spotted rocking while enjoying a dinner together in Thailand.

Allen paired his unique choice in hairstyle with a significant amount of facial hair and a simple white t-shirt. He also flaunted his piano-playing skills for the camera as he continued to spill details on the convention.

While he noted he wasn’t willing to give too much information away, he explained there were several really great guests coming to the convention that people were going to want to see and meet.

Inside of an hour, his followers viewed the video clip over 30,000 times. He also had over 160 fans leave comments.


One of the more notable replies that quickly moved to the top because of the number of reactions it attracted was a wager for Keegan.

“I bet you $5, you won’t like my recent,” the individual penned in the comments section.

Roughly three minutes after the comment hit his video clip, Keegan called the individual on the bet. In fact, the actor told the individual where they could send the $5.

Allen tagged the official Instagram account for an organization called Race to Erase MS and asked his follower to send the $5 to them.

The individual Keegan called on their bet has roughly 3,000 followers and frequently posts memes on their profile. One of its more recent posts — which features baby Yoda from Mandalorian — was liked by Keegan Allen.

Unfortunately, it is unclear whether the individual will make good on the bet. Moreover, the bio of the Instagram user suggests placing bets in exchange for likes and follows is something the account holder makes a habit of doing. Comments on the individual’s recent posts also suggest the individual never follows through on paying the bets.