Olivia Jade Looks Just Like Her Mother Lori Loughlin In Throwback Photo

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Bella Giannulli, the daughter of Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, has remained pretty active on Instagram while her sister, Olivia Jade, has gone silent. Bella recently posted a throwback photo on her Instagram page of herself and Olivia from 2017. In the photo, Olivia can be seen smiling and looking remarkably like her mother, according to Refinery 29.

In the photo, Bella is laying back with her arms crossed, a slight smile on her face. She is sporting blonde hair that is much unlike the signature sleek, dark hair that she has currently. Olivia poses close to her, smiling broadly, her grin looking just like her famous mother’s bright smile. Her hair is braided back on the top of her head, two loose pieces spilling across her face.

While Bella hasn’t stopped posting pretty regularly on Instagram since the news of the college admissions scandal broke, it does appear she has been monitoring her comment sections. A new feature on Instagram now filters out bullying comments, so they don’t show up on the person’s page.

Olivia, on the other hand, has been radio silent online. Before the scandal, she was a popular YouTuber who posted videos about makeup, fashion, and her everyday glamorous life. When the scandal occurred, she was swarmed with hate online through virtually every social media platform. She has not posted a YouTube video in eight months and has turned off the comment section on all of her recent posts. She’s taken only two breaks from her social media hiatus, posting one Instagram photo in honor of her mother’s birthday and one other raunchy post that she has since deleted.

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blonde circa 2017

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In that particular post, Olivia held two middle fingers in the air. The post was intended to flip off the many news platforms that have slammed her family in the media.

Loughlin and Giannulli have been accused of paying $500,000 in bribery funds to ensure Olivia and Bella a spot at the University of Southern California. They are fighting the charges but face a hefty sentence if they lose.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, there is a chance that Olivia and Bella could be charged in connection to the case. However, inside sources say Loughlin will do everything in her power to prevent this from happening.

“If Lori had any indication that the girls were at risk, she’d want to plead guilty – even though she believes that she did nothing wrong. She is not going to let them spend time in jail for something that they didn’t do,” the source said.