Cosplay Model Liz Katz Sizzles in Sexy ‘South Park’ Outfit

Cosplay model Liz Katz impresses her fans yet again by posting a selfie of herself dressed up in a cheeky South Park ensemble. Fans of the animated series will recognize her likeness as that of Eric Cartman.

Liz’s version of Cartman is much sexier than her television series counterpart. Liz is scantily clad in nothing but a lacy tan bra and a black thong. The bra cups her breasts and allows her fans an eyeful of Liz’s bountiful cleavage.

She also has Cartman’s jacket wrapped around her waist, preferring to show off her incredibly toned abdomen instead of hiding it beneath a blazer. To draw further comparisons to Cartman, Liz is rocking a replica of his signature blue and yellow beanie atop of her perfectly straight blond hair. It appears that Liz is also wearing a pair of thigh-high boots, but only the tops are visible; the angle of the picture obscures the rest.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Liz modeled the same cosplay outfit of Cartman a few weeks ago. However, in that photo, the model shows off her rear end instead of her chest. The previous picture is less revealing than her latest photo, but she is wearing the same outfit. In the older snapshot, you can see that Liz is indeed wearing boots meant to mimic Cartman’s brown boots.

Liz’s new picture is more focused on the front of her body rather than her backside. Her thong doesn’t reveal as much this time around because the jacket is blocking out the view, but Liz made sure to show off at least a few inches of her hips and inner thighs to tantalize her rabid fanbase.

Liz’s 1 million followers are ecstatic about the new photograph from the model. Many of them find her love of South Park incredibly endearing. She also added a famous Cartman quote in her photo caption to ensure her followers realize how much she adores the character and the series.

“Thank you! You just made me a die hard fan! Go get yourself some cheesy poofs,” said one fan, playing along with Liz’s Cartman references by adding one of their own to the comment.

“You are seriously just one of my favorite humans just because of how awesome and funny you are,” gushed another admirer.

“Detroit Michigan over here and it always seems to heat up each time you post,” teased a third fan.

“Beautiful eyes and beautiful lips,” complimented a fourth fan.