‘World’s Hottest Weather Girl’ Yanet Garcia Shares Rare Underboob Pic & Poses With Her Pomeranian

Yanet GarciaInstagram

Yanet Garcia, who is often referred to as the “World’s Hottest Weather Girl,” kept things spicy on her Instagram page with a brand new photo of herself showing off her underboob. The stunner was seen posing on a bed, as she held her white dog in her left arm. She wore a pink shirt and black bottoms, as she seemingly enjoyed her casual morning.

The weather girl’s shirt had long sleeves that likely had of a regular cut, but she pushed it up over her chest to show off her underboob. She glanced down at her dog, while her hair was brushed over her face in front of her left shoulder. The bottoms that she wore featured a waistband that read “Bamboo” in white lettering. She sat on her knees on top of gray-and-white blankets and placed her right hand on her thighs. Beside her were large windows, which were covered by white modern curtains. In addition to showing off her underboob, Yanet’s rock-hard abs were also on full display.

The dog in the photo is named Mamacita, and Yanet created an Instagram page just for her. She’s a mini Pomeranian and is clearly a much-loved part of her and her boyfriend, Lewis Howes’, lives. Mamacita seemingly knew the photo was being taken, as she was seen looking directly at the camera in the photo. She has a gray marking on her forehead that’s shaped like a “t.”


Fans had plenty to say about the photo in the comments section.

“Amazing errr the view from your bedroom window that is,” joked a follower.

“Since when do you post things like this the clout THE CLOUT,” asked an admirer.

It’s true that Yanet usually shares revealing photos of her derriere, rather than of her chest.

“Sure u woke up like that with a perfectly placed underboob lol jk jk still hot,” wrote a fan.

“You are a goddess, you are really beautiful from head to toe and you have pretty eyes,” gushed a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, Yanet shared another photo of herself posing with Mamacita earlier this month. She was seemingly on a plane, as she cuddled with her little dog. She wore a pink, fuzzy sweater and a pair of aviator sunglasses that she pushed down her nose. She glanced up at the camera, and wore her hair down in a casual hairstyle, as her locks framed her face. The dog looked to her left in the photo.