Halle Berry Poses Topless On Bed Of Strawberries In Throwback Photo

Vivien KillileaGetty Images

Halle Berry kicked off the weekend by giving her fans a photographic treat. On Saturday, the gorgeous 53-year-old star took to Instagram to share a topless throwback photo with her followers.

In the stunning snapshot, the bare-skinned beauty is laying on her stomach. The photo was taken from the side, and it cuts off at the top of Halle’s torso. She’s showing off her toned shoulders and back as she lifts her head up and turns her face toward the camera. Halle is posing on top of a massive bed of strawberries, and somehow none of the glistening red fruits have been smashed. There are also no traces of the berries’ red juice on her glowing, flawless skin.

Halle is posing with her left arm bent and her hand flat beside her shoulder. Her fingers and palm are precariously positioned on top of a pile of strawberries. Halle has one of the juicy fruits in her other hand. She has her mouth open and is holding the tip of the berry on her tongue like she’s about to take a bite out of it.

Halle’s lips are painted the same color as the sea of strawberries surrounding her, and her shining dark eyes are accented by dark liner on her top lashline.

Halle Berry has her hair styled in a pixie cut, which was her signature look for decades. Her locks are dark and soft, with the slightest wave. The only accessories Halle is wearing is a pair of berry-shaped earrings.

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Best berry pun wins. ???????? #Throwback

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The artistic inspiration for Halle’s throwback photo was likely the star’s last name, and it was also the subject of her Instagram caption contest. She asked her followers to come up with berry puns, and they delivered. However, some of them were NSFW.

“Cannibalism is berry bad,” quipped one fan.

“I like to Berry myself in the fruit bowl,” another wrote.

“Who put a berry in berries?!” read a third response.

“Berries? I berrily noticed,” a fourth admirer wrote.

Halle Berry’s photo was a big hit, garnering almost 95,000 likes over the course of two hours. Heart eye, flame, strawberry, and heart emoji were also popular reactions to her strawberry-filled snapshot.

While Halle’s Instagram followers always enjoy her throwback photos, many of her posts these days are fitness-related. She’s been training hard for her new movie Bruised, which is about a female MMA fighter. Unfortunately, she recently revealed that an injury has forced her to take a break from working out. However, this didn’t stop her from sharing an awesome action shot on “Fitness Friday.”