LeBron James Passes Gas In The Direction Of A Fan When Asked For An Autograph

Sean M. Haffey Getty Images

LeBron James is making headlines for a particularly bizarre reason. When leaving a steakhouse in Oklahoma alongside fellow athlete Chris Paul, James was approached by fan who requested an autograph. Rather than supplying the autograph, James supplied something else. He reportedly loudly passed gas in the direction of the fan and walked away, according to New York Post.

This report would be pretty hard to believe if it was not captured on video. However, the incident was recorded and distributed online. James and Paul were heading out of top-rated Mohagany Prime Steakhouse when the fans came up to them, recording the encounter. James doesn’t acknowledge the fans but lifts a leg before loudly passing gas and getting into a black SUV waiting for him. One of the men who accompanied him can be heard expressing his annoyance.

James has not yet spoken out about this strange encounter.

The basketball king is not the only famous figure to be on the news lately for an alleged fart. United States Representative Eric Swalwell was accused earlier this week of passing gas while in the middle of a very serious interview on live television. The California Democrat was discussing the ongoing impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump during an interview for MSNBC with Chris Matthews.

Swalwell made a very serious claim against Trump, accusing him of using taxpayer money to secure the election. There is a brief pause in the interview, during which the strange sound occurs and Swalwell can be seen trying to withhold a smile before continuing to speak. Before long, this incident was dubbed “fartgate,” as The Inquisitr previously reported.

Swalwell insisted it wasn’t as it seemed.

“It was not me!!!!! Ha. And I didn’t hear it when I was speaking,” he later said.

But no one wanted to let the incident go, including fellow Representative Kevin McCarthy.

“The last place you want to stand while giving an interview is behind Rep. Eric Swalwell,” joked McCarthy, according to the Daily Wire.

Swalwell tried to defend himself, claiming the noise was made when he dragged his coffee mug across his desk.

Nevertheless, there were still plenty of jokes to be made, with the incident going viral online and many people calling out the representative for not owning up to it.

“I’ve isolated and slowed the moment of the fart. You can clearly see Swalwell brace forward, tense up for a moment, and then relax. He dealt it,” one Twitter user wrote.