WWE News: Former Superstar Wants Credit For Inspiring Bray Wyatt's Character Of 'The Fiend'

Bray Wyatt is one of the most captivating characters in all of WWE right now, and his new gimmick of "The Fiend" is a big reason for it. While the character is said to be from his own mind and WWE's creative team, a former superstar named Kizarny believes he is the reason it exists. As a matter of fact, Kizarny actually wants Wyatt to reference him and give him credit for one of the most unique characters in wrestling history.

For around a year, Bray Wyatt was out of action before finally returning as "The Fiend." A few months later, he won the WWE Universal Championship from Seth Rollins and was drafted as the top guy for Friday Night SmackDown.

Over the decades, there have been many unique characters and gimmicks in professional wrestling. "The Fiend" is only one of them, but it's out there and one that a former WWE superstar believes is the product of who he once was.

Sinn Bodhi is an independent wrestler who was once known as Kizarny during a very short run in WWE. He recently spoke on a number of topics on Jordan Garber's NOW show, and by way of Wrestling Inc., Bodhi is saying that he wants to get the credit he feels he deserves from WWE.

Bray Wyatt holds up his newly won championship.

Kizarny spent nearly three years under contract to WWE, but didn't actually debut on the main roster until January of 2009. By March of that year, he had been released from his contract and heading to the indies.

Bodhi is of the belief that his carnival-style character of Kizarny set the stage for characters such as "The Fiend" and other circus-related gimmicks. That is why he wants to have some kind of credit given to him.

"I have no problem with circus guys like Bray Wyatt doing anything in this business. I don't have a copyright, it's just that if someone wants to be influenced or borrow something be my guest, but just reference it and put over where you got an idea."
At the same time, Bodhi feels as if Wyatt giving him credit for inspiring "The Fiend" would also help his own wrestling career.
"If he was to say Bodhi was where I got a lot of my stuff from, that would help stuff out from me with promoters. In the long run, we eventually talked things out in private and I'm super glad how things turned out. When I see guys like Bray Wyatt, I hope he cares about me as much as I care about him and I'm glad he is successful and doing his thing."
The time of Kizarny was very short in WWE and the character never really caught on with the fans of Vince McMahon's promotion. While there may be some similarities to Bray Wyatt's "Fiend," they are far from the same gimmick. Over time, almost every character in wrestling has been influenced by one or another, but full-on credit is hard to give for everything.