Former Texas Track Coach Filing Discrimination Suit

University Of Texas Track coach filing discrimination charges

Bev Kearnery has filed charges of gender discrimination against the University of Texas after resigning from her position as track coach in January. Kearney originally resigned after she admitted to a relationship with a student, but has decided to take issue with the school after another coach was allowed to keep their job after a similar admittance.

Kearney filed her complaints with both federal and state boards on charges of gender and racial discrimination. She made her decision after Major Applewhite, the offensive coordinator of University of Texas’ football program, admitted to a an affair with a student. Kearney believes he was allowed to keep his job because he is a white male.

After news of Bev Kearney’s relationship came out, the school’s Vice President of legal affairs said a coach having a relationship with a student, “crosses the line of trust placed in the head coach for all aspects of the athletic program and the best interests of the student athletes on the team.”

Derek Howard, Kearney’s lawyer, believes the university is practicing a double standard. He argued against Texas’ Vice President by saying, “this is the legal prerequisite to filing a discrimination lawsuit, and it will specifically reference the Applewhite comparative scenario.”

On the federal level, Bev Kearney’s complaints will be filled with the Equal Opportunity Employee Commission. On the state level the complaints will be filed with the Texas Workforce Commission.


The University of Texas was getting ready to fire Kearney when she resigned instead. Her relationship was determined consensual and she wants just due for her trouble. Major Applewhite’s affair happened while the football team was on a trip to a bowl game in 2008. It has not been made clear by the University of Texas why Applewhite, a white male, was allowed to keep his job, while Kearnery, a black female, had to resign instead of being fired.

Do you think Bev Kearney has a case against the University of Texas? Was she unfairly forced to resign based on her race and gender?