Carrie Underwood Looks Gym-Ready As She Stretches In Purple Leggings From Her Athleisure Brand

Carrie Underwood is looking gym-ready in a recent photo on her athleisure wear brand's Instagram page. On Saturday, CALIA by Carrie posted a photo of the country music star in which she's stretching while wearing a pair of their reddish-purple leggings and a black funnel-neck sweatshirt. There also appears to be a light fuchsia tank top peeking out under the hem of the darker shirt.

The "All-American Girl" singer paired the workout look with black sneakers. In the photo, she has one of those sneakers pressed against a metal rail as she leans forward to stretch her hamstrings. Her long blond tresses have been pulled into a messy topknot. She's also resting her hands on the knee and shin of her raised leg while staring off into the distance. While the post wasn't geo-tagged, it seems that Carrie was at a coastline during the photoshoot since there appears to be a large body of water in the far background.

In the caption, CALIA revealed that Carrie is wearing the brand's "Essential Cozy" leggings which retail for $55 on their website. Besides the berry-colored version that the singer is wearing, they're also available in blue or gray. The caption also states that the leggings have a "new, super soft, and stretchy feel" to them.

According to the product description on the website, the pants are made from a special wicking material that quickly evaporates moisture from the skin when the wearer sweats during physical activity. The description also states that the fabric incorporates anti-microbial technology which helps to minimize body odor. The leggings also feature a ribbed waistband and "v back seaming."

The brand did not disclose the name of the black sweatshirt that Carrie is wearing in the photo.

This is hardly the first time that Carrie has popped up in a photo featured on CALIA by Carrie's Instagram page. In a previous photo they shared, Carrie is rocking a $60 cloud funnel-neck pullover with a light blue tank top underneath and paired with black patterned leggings. The post has accumulated more than 10,000 likes and 77 comments so far.

"Flow through your day — from workout to wherever," the caption reads.

In a post from September 24, Carrie is doing knee raises in white-and-black patterned leggings and a long-sleeved black sweatshirt. Based on the expression on her face, it looks like the former American Idol winner was truly exerting herself when the photo was taken. Over 3,000 CALIA by Carrie fans liked the post, and the outfit got some rave reviews in the comments section.