Donald Trump Dispatched Jared Kushner To Find Out Why Matt Drudge Isn't Giving Him Good Coverage, Report Says

Donald Trump has received plenty of coverage from conservative media outlets as he faces an increasingly likely impeachment, but the normally right-leaning Drudge Report has been more critical of the president and the revelations that emerged from the public hearings the last two weeks.

That has not escaped Trump's attention, a new report claims.

The Daily Beast reported that Trump has been closely watching media coverage of the impeachment hearings of the last two weeks, and has frequently retweeted conservative allies who offer defenses for the many damaging revelations to come from the proceedings. However, the Drudge Report, a news aggregator that shot to fame during Bill Clinton's impeachment by first revealing his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, has been featuring many of the bombshell claims against Trump.

As the report noted, the president has been upset at how "anti-Trump" the outlet has been during the impeachment proceedings, prompting Trump to enlist son-in-law Jared Kushner to "look into it." For Trump, it is critically important that right-wing media remains steadfast in its defense and not break from the president.

The report added that Trump has been pressing Republican Senate allies to stay by his side for what will likely be an impeachment trial after the House is expected to vote on articles of impeachment.

"Trump has repeatedly complained in the past couple months that Senate Republicans, who will have to vote on whether or not to acquit him, haven't been doing enough to protect him, and has made moves to quietly secure individual senators' support," the report noted.

Trump has also ramped up attacks on Republican critics, who he calls "Never Trumpers" and who he described in one controversial Twitter attack as "human scum."

Trump may have some of his key media allies in on the fight with him. As The Inquisitr previously noted, Fox News pundits Jesse Watters and Howard Kurtz recently ripped into Matt Drudge for his site's seeming insufficient defenses of the president. Watters said that by focusing on Trump's gaffes and the damaging testimony against him during impeachment, the Drudge Report has become no different than CNN.

"But it just seems like the website has recently played up Trump gaffes and downplayed his successes," he said.

Trump has also rewarded those media outlets that have been the most vocal in supporting him, recently giving an exclusive phone interview to Fox & Friends after the completion of public impeachment hearings. Trump has not spoken publicly about the Drudge Report.