'General Hospital' Upcoming Spoilers: Brook Lynn's Return Will Cause Trouble & A Little Romance

Brook Lynn Ashton is back and seemingly ready to take Port Charles by storm. General Hospital reintroduced the old character but with a new face last week. Amanda Setton has stepped into the role of Brook Lynn as another part of the crazy Quartermaine family. Upcoming spoilers tease that she will be fitting right back in with her family and with others in town.

It's been a while since Brook Lynn has been seen, but now that she is back, there is expected to be some ruckus coming up soon. Fans are looking forward to having another Quartermaine back onscreen to stir up some trouble, and that's exactly what the General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central suggest. Brook Lynn will be causing some trouble later on down the line. If her past is any indication of what is to come, then viewers will be in for a wild ride.

Brook Lynn has already caused a rift between her and Olivia. Her stepmother wasn't too happy to have Ned's daughter show up so unexpectedly like she did. Olivia was having a meltdown over Dante right at that moment when Brook Lynn walked in the back door. Once she got herself together, the bickering began. Sonny was also there when the whole thing went down last week and mentioned how Lila is probably enjoying all of this.

General Hospital spoilers also tease that Brook Lynn will be getting a little romance soon as well. She seems to flirt with any man that she comes into contact with, and she had already met Julian Jerome when she first came back to town. He had no idea who she was, but he most likely will soon enough. That seemed to be a hint that maybe there will be a romance brewing between them eventually. Or there could be someone else on the horizon that will catch her eye.

Having Brook Lynn back in town is also a nice setup for the return of her grandmother, Tracy. It has now been confirmed that Jane Elliot is returning to her role as Tracy Quartermaine very soon. She is coming back for the holidays, and fans know just what kind of chaos will ensue when that happens. Ned will be thrilled and Olivia may just be a little overwhelmed having all these family members back.

The Quatermaine household is growing by leaps and bounds these days, as it was revealed on Friday that Danny and Scout will most likely be living there while Sam spends her time in prison.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.