WWE News: Zelina Vega And Lana Get Into Heated Twitter Exchange


One of the most polarizing WWE storylines in recent times has been the affair drama between Lana and Bobby Lashley. The WWE Universe has booed the segments on Monday Night Raw, but there is also disapproval within the company. Zelina Vega and Lana recently got into an argument on Twitter, where the former made her thoughts about the romance angle known.

The beef started after Vega shared a photo of her and Andrade, where she claimed that she’s the most fashionable superstar in WWE. Lana took umbrage with this statement and responded by bragging about her own style.

Vega poked fun at Lana afterwards, accusing her of being a poor performer and criticizing her current adultery angle with Lashley.

“1.Congrats on the views, I know how natural it is 4U 2B a trainwreck, the real challenge will be when u have to pretend ur a hard working & honest person bcz ur acting is awful???? 2.The comedy spots are getting 2 ur head, come back to reality where ur not special & no1 dressed u.”

Lana tried to fire back, but Vega was having none of it. She responded by making another remark about Lana’s current relationship storyline, while insinuating that “The Ravishing Russian” isn’t intelligent.

“Glad you hopped off @fightbobby long enough to compose such an intelligent and insightful tweet, but it’s really okay mama.. it’s better when your mouth is plugged and occupied. Don’t do me any favors, I’m good!”

In the storyline, Lana has been cheating on her real-life husband, Rusev, with Lashley. According to Lana, Rusev is a sex addict who wanted to impregnate her because he wants to continue his family lineage.

On a recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Lana shared the news that she was pregnant with Rusev’s child, but it was a trick to lure Rusev into an assault from Lashley. Since then, she’s filed for divorce so that she can officially be with Lashley.

The storyline is akin to a soap opera, which is why some members of the company aren’t fans. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Corey Graves has also been critical of the angle, stating that it’s wasting the talent of the performers involved.

Despite the poor reception to the angle so far, Vince McMahon doesn’t appear to be bringing it to an end anytime soon. It is believed that the WWE chairman is a fan of the storyline because Lashley and Lana are attracting heat, and the segments have been popular on the company’s YouTube channel.