Kirstie Alley Reveals Why She Treats Herself To Weekly Flowers 40 Years After Quitting Drugs

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Kirstie Alley gives herself a weekly gift 40 years after battling an addiction to cocaine. The former Cheers star took to Twitter to reveal that she regularly buys herself flowers after promising herself she would spend the same amount of money she used to throw away on her drug habit on something good for herself.

Alley, 68, captioned two photos of a bouquet of gorgeous fall flowers with an explanation to her fans.

“For u who don’t know much about me, I used to be a coke head,” the actress wrote. “I quit drugs in 1979 & vowed to spend the same $ weekly on flowers that I’d spent on drugs. I buy & arrange my own flowers as a gift to MYSELF. I buy them in the grocery store.”

More than 1,000 of Alley’s fans replied to her tweet as they commended the way in which she honors her sobriety.

“Love this! So proud of you with 40 years of sobriety and I’m glad that you do that now!! If I could I would send you flowers,” one fan wrote.

“What a beautiful story about you, never knew that. I have admired your flowers over the years though. What a great gift to yourself,” another added.

“Beautiful! Adjusted for inflation?” a third fan asked.

A few people suggested that Alley could use the money for a charitable cause instead of flowers.

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Beauty abounds here ❤️????

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Longtime fans of the star know that she loves to post photos of her beautiful floral arrangements, but many did not realize the tradition was tied into her past addiction issues. But she has talked about it before, and she has even elaborated on how much she spends on flowers per week.

In 2011, when she was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, Alley explained why she had so many flowers in her dressing room. The actress said she spent her former drug budget on the floral arrangements.

“I did a lot of blow, so I spend like $500 bucks a week on flowers,” she said at the time, per Wetpaint.

Her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy joked, “Now there’s a rehab for flower addiction.”

Alley previously revealed that she became instantly addicted to cocaine after she first tried it in the late 1970s. In 2013, she told Howard Stern that after trying the drug, she loved it so much that she vowed to do it every day for the rest of her life. The actress revealed that she did a “crazy” amount of cocaine and credited Scientology with helping her kick her dangerous drug habit, per Daily Mail.

Since that time, the star has not shied away from giving her opinion on drugs. In 2017, Alley made headlines for her comments on the rampant prescription drug use in the country.