'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Reportedly Left David Eason With No Money, She's Nearly Broke Too

Jenelle Evans reportedly took more than the kids when she moved out on David Eason --- and she may be in some major financial trouble herself.

A new report from Radar Online claims that the Teen Mom 2 star left her estranged husband with "literally nothing" when she moved out of the home they shared back in October, leaving him broke. A source told the outlet that David is complaining to those close to him that Jenelle left him with nothing. David hinted at the dire situation in a now-deleted post on Facebook where he claimed that his Etsy account had been shut down. The report noted that David was "furious" over it.

The report noted that David has turned to eBay to sell some of his handmade products, including a coat rack with railroad spike hooks that's listed at $150 and a 12-inch railroad spike knife for $177.50.

David is not the only one with money troubles, however. The report noted that Jenelle has also run into some major financial difficulties prior to her split, which may have fueled her decision to leave David. Jenelle had been fired by MTV after her husband allegedly killed their family dog, an allegation that also led to the couple losing custody of their kids for several weeks.

Jenelle had focused on her makeup line since being fired by MTV, but reports noted that her brow kit has been selling poorly and that the company signed on to distribute the products cut ties with her.

"She's running out of money," a source told the outlet. "It went off like a lightbulb in her head. 'I have this husband that doesn't work? What in the hell am I going to do?'"

David has pushed back against these assertions that he doesn't work, while also leveling accusations that Jenelle was the lazy one. In a recent social media Q&A with his fans, David was asked about something people would not know about him. David responded by giving some props to his work ethic along with taking a dig at Jenelle.

"People have no idea the type of work ethic I have just because I've been working for [Jenelle], cleaning up after her lazy a** for years," he wrote, via InTouch Weekly.

While it's not clear what David intends to do for money, reports have indicated that Jenelle hopes that by leaving David, she might be able to get her job back with MTV.