'General Hospital' Spoilers: Mike's Alzheimer's Journey Takes A Critical Turn

Mike Corbin is back on screen on ABC's General Hospital. As seen at the end of last week, Stella, who just returned to Port Charles after spending some time in Europe, has noticed some changes in his condition. Mike's Alzheimer's journey seems to be nearing the end as his memories are fading fast.

A new General Hospital clip was shared by ABC showing a quick preview of what's to come on Monday's episode, and it isn't looking good for Mike. Stella alerted Sonny and Carly on Friday, letting them know that Sonny's dad doesn't even recognize her anymore. The last time Stella was in town, Mike would not know who she was at first, but then some reminders would prompt him into remembering her and his loved ones. This time, however, was completely different.

In the preview clip, Sonny and Carly go to visit with Mike. Stella warns them that he has gotten worse. Sonny seems to be in denial or doesn't quite understand, as he tells her that Mike has his good days and some bad days. However, once they walk up and he doesn't respond to them, their faces show that the realization may just hit them hard. Mike looks haggard and confused. It doesn't appear that he will have any recollection of who Sonny is.

General Hospital fans will have to wait until Monday to see if Mike -- who is played by the brilliant Max Gail -- will even have a hint of who is Sonny, Carly, or Stella is. He could snap out of his confused state of mind to have one last moment with his son. Or his memories could very well be gone forever.

Sonny has been bracing for this moment when his dad won't know anyone around him. Stella had an encounter with Mike on Friday where he was living in the past and rambling about Adela, Sonny's mother. He thought he was at the race track trying to win enough money to take the love of his life away to marry her and have a family. That prompted Stella to alert Sonny about Mike's worsening condition.

Spoilers for Monday indicate that Carly will indeed see a change in Mike during the visit. Sonny may not be ready to let go. Even though Stella has done her best to prepare him for what was to come, there is no doubt that Sonny will be taking it hard when Mike's mind is completely gone.

There is much more to come the week of November 25 on General Hospital. Alexis and Neil put their heads together to figure out who poisoned her, and Hayden will be making a tough decision soon.