Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Worst Fashion Disaster From The Past 13 Years

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Kim Kardashian sat down to discuss her changing fashion trends over the years with Vogue in a new video. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star reminisced about a number of past outfits, many of which were sexier than what she tends to wear these days given her husband, Kanye West, has reportedly asked that she pick more conservative garments in which to greet the public.

Of the many looks in a scrapbook featuring what Kim wore to big events from 2006 to the present, her first appearance at the sartorially sumptuous Met Gala was when the reality star debuted what she considered to be her biggest fashion disaster. She headed to the posh gathering as Kanye’s plus-one since he was performing at the shindig, and she could not have been happier than to take part as his date.

At the time, Kim was extremely pregnant. It was 2013, and she looked as if she might give birth to her daughter, North, at any moment. Perhaps the large floral print on her Riccardo Tisci gown made the glowing mother-to-be seem even further along than she actually was, but in any case, Kim knew she wasn’t looking her best.

“I was very pregnant, very puffy and bloated and I was like, ‘Oh god, of course the first time I go I’m gonna be huge.'”

Still, this was an event she had dared to dream about attending, so she hit up the then-Givenchy designer to help her find the right frock to wear. Since Kanye was also being dressed by Tisci, Kim trusted him with her getup as well. The two poured over fabrics and chose one that had a lot of give because it was impossible to know how much bigger the KUWTK star would be after her initial consultation and they both wanted to be sure alterations would be easy to make.

At that point, the stretchy material the pair chose was purchased in two different versions: the floral print and another that was plain black. Tisci made both for Kim, and even though the pregnant celebrity wanted to wear the black creation, the designer convinced the very insecure Kardashian that she should wear the one with the flowers on it.

“I could never really speak up at that point because I was so shy and just wanted to make everybody happy.”

In the end, she wore the designer’s choice and Kanye told her that he was impressed with how she looked. However, after walking the red carpet, Kim was mocked for her fashion choice. In fact, even Robin Williams tweeted that she looked like Mrs. Doubtfire in that couture gown.

Although this criticism didn’t sit well with Kim, she holds a happy memory of the evening because Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen both complimented her look, saying they loved her outfit and her gloves, which matched the long-sleeved garment with the high slit. All of a sudden, the pregnant celebrity realized that “none of the critics mattered because the Olsen twins approved.”

Looking back at the dress, Kim decided the garment was ahead of its time. She said the floral frock “had the vision” and she called her Tisci ensemble, which included open-toe heels made of the same material as the gown, “sick” — in a good way, of course.

In 2013, Kim Kardashian went with Kanye West to the Met Gala
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