Spoilers For 'General Hospital' Hint That Alexis' Ongoing Health Crisis Brings Twists, Turns, & Confusion

Alexis Davis has no idea how much her trainer, Kendra Lennon, dislikes her, but General Hospital spoilers tease that she will begin to piece things together soon. Alexis' health has been declining thanks to Kendra's schemes, but it's still going to take a lot of work to figure out exactly what's been going on.

Viewers know that Kendra is the sister of Kristina's dead boyfriend, Kiefer, and that she has been poisoning Alexis to avenge her brother's death. Although Kiefer died as a result of an accident years ago, Kristina's Dawn of Day pledge for Shiloh suggested otherwise. General Hospital spoilers suggest that soon, fans will see some major steps forward in this storyline.

General Hospital spoilers from the new issue of Soap Opera Digest detail that Neil will be essential to figuring out that Kendra is responsible for Alexis' illness. However, Kendra won't be immediately exposed. Alexis has no reason to suspect that Kendra has ill will toward her, as Kendra's connection to Kiefer isn't known to anybody.

Neil will work to convince Alexis that Kendra might be the one poisoning her, but Alexis will initially be resistant to the idea. Soon, they will have a pill from Kendra tested, believing that it will show that it is contaminated with the same rat poison that has made Alexis ill. However, the testing will come back clean.

Even though Kendra will manage to throw Neil and Alexis off by this testing coming through clean, General Hospital spoilers detail that Alexis will continue to think through the possibility that Kendra is responsible. Neil, as her boyfriend and as a therapist, will give Alexis a lot to think about and reflect on as they sort through this. It seems that Alexis will soon put on her lawyer's hat to do some research.

While Alexis truly has no idea why Kendra would want to harm her, she is determined to either fully debunk Neil's suspicions or prove them. She will dig to figure out if there is a tie to Kendra she was unaware of, and soon she'll uncover the bombshell regarding who Kendra really is.

Co-head writer Chris Van Etten teases that this storyline will soon converge with another one, but he wouldn't share specifics yet.

"Alexis and Kendra will inadvertently put themselves in the oncoming path of another story on General Hospital that has been simmering, and now will come to a boil," Van Etten teases.

It seems likely that this will be something connected to Shiloh in some sense, perhaps in connection to Nelle and the mystery marriage she recently revealed. Kendra seemingly was connected to Shiloh to some degree and it would make sense for all of this to meld together soon.

General Hospital spoilers signal that Alexis will recover, and it sounds as if she and Neil will grow closer as they try to solve this mystery. However, there may still be some juicy moments involving Kendra on the way, and fans are anxious to learn more.