Saweetie Flashes Pasties Under Louis Vuitton Top On Instagram

Saweetie gave her Instagram fans a close look at her eye-catching ensemble for a recent show, and it was all about the Louis Vuitton. She wore matching Louis Vuitton pasties under a branded top, which she paired with matching bottoms, and a hat. Her entire ensemble was shiny black with gold LV logos throughout. The top featured a low neckline that fell inches above her belly button, with a gold oval buckle in the center. The top hugged her chest, and it was cut so low that her pasties peeked through. It also had long sleeves and large ruffles at the bottom.

She wore a matching pair of bottoms, which seemingly had a brief-style cut. The hat featured a large brim and a short top, which she tied under her chin with a black bow. In addition, the rapper completed her look with a pair of fishnet stockings and a shiny pair of black boots.

Saweetie also wore her iconic and bedazzled necklace, which featured a large charm that read, "icy." Her makeup was also eye-catching, as she wore glossy lipstick and shimmery eyeshadow. Her lashes were also dark and prominent.

The first two photos of the set were selfies by the rapper, as she stood in a dressing area and later in a bathroom. Her skin looked flawless, while her bright purple manicure popped in the shot as the brightest color in her ensemble. The third photo showed Saweetie posing in front of a bright purple wall, as she raised her left leg.


The rest of the photos were taken during her performance. She was seen standing on-stage while popping her right knee into the air, while a final photo showed her crouching low to the ground while spreading her knees. In both photos, the backdrop was completely black, while bright red and blue lights illuminated the stage.

Fans gushed about the rapper in the comments section.

"At least put up a warning sign before you post these and sh*t on us sheesh," joked a follower.

"Saweetie in LV is my new religion," declared an admirer.

"Even the boob tape is designer, yass queen rock it," gushed a fan.

"UR HOT AF YOOOOOO," exclaimed a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, Saweetie showed off another look with pasties earlier this month. This time, she shared an Instagram story where she went braless under a mesh top. She added a furry vest on top which was black, pink, and red. And although the vest helped censor her chest, her pink pasties still showed. She wore the "icy" necklace, and took the selfie with her left hand.