WWE News: Former Superstar Says She Was Never Given A Reason For Being Fired


There are numerous reasons that WWE could end up releasing a superstar from their contract, but the public won’t always know them. Cameron parted ways with Vince McMahon’s promotion nearly three years ago and there is still a bit of controversy as to why she was actually let go from the company. As a matter of fact, she still doesn’t know to this day why she was fired but she certainly has come up with a few ideas.

With the Internet being as intrusive as it is, there are many things that are hard to hide from fans and the general public. That is especially true in the world of professional wrestling and it is why reports are already out there that WWE could release more superstars soon, as indicated earlier by The Inquisitr.

In the past, some superstars have been released and it has been well-publicized as to why they were let go. Former WWE superstar Cameron’s firing wasn’t exactly that way and more than three years later, she still isn’t entirely sure as to why the company released her.

Cameron recently spoke with Hannibal TV about a number of topics and of course, her time in WWE was brought up. When asked about her release in 2016, she is still not overly thrilled that the company never gave her a true explanation.

Cameron waits in the ring for her opponent.
Featured image credit: WWE

As transcribed by Ringside News, Cameron has tried to pinpoint the reasoning for her release and she feels as if it has to do with Ryback.

“You know, they never gave me a reason, I can kind of put my finger on why. When the whole Ryback thing happened, at that time too I wasn’t doing anything, so it just gave them, it was just a perfect moment. If you’re not doing something and you make a little bit of a controversy, it’s just an easy way for them to be like, it’s time to let you go. But you know what, I’m not mad at it, because I did everything I could possibly do. I gave up my spot on the main roster to go back and be better, to be a force to reckon with, and to really hone my craft.”

Cameron did really well on WWE’s main roster for a while as part of The Funkadactyls, but she was eventually split from Naomi. In time, she was moved down to NXT before it became part of the main roster and she didn’t do very well during her time there.

Before her ultimate release from WWE in May of 2016, Cameron hadn’t been active or had a match in more than two months. Since her release from the company, she has not wrestled in any other promotion or on the independent scene. Now, she states that she has been training to get better in the ring and looks to make a comeback in the future.