George Conway Acknowledges Wife Kellyanne Is A Donald Trump Enabler But Claims He's Not Playing Games

As Kellyanne Conway continues to be a fierce advocate for President Donald Trump, her husband George Conway becomes more critical of him by the day. For months now, people have been posting tweets pointing out how his wife continues to support Trump in the midst of his own criticism toward the president and his administration, and he usually ignores these social media posts. In a recent exchange, however, he addressed the elephant in the room.

George began criticizing the president via his Twitter account months ago, despite having a background as a very conservative lawyer. Some people on social media have accused him of playing a game, perhaps faking his dislike of Trump. Others have wondered how he and Kellyanne can navigate their marriage while seemingly being on such opposite sides of the spectrum regarding the president and his controversies.

On Friday, George posted a tweet that was once again critical of the president. This sparked a rather interesting thread that curious followers will not want to miss.

"I have little doubt that, within the lifespans of many reading this tweet, students throughout the world will learn in their history books that a deeply psychologically unwell man--also a criminal--was president of the United States in the late 2010s," wrote the Trump critic.

In response to this post, New York Post sportswriter Larry Brooks fired back.

"Your wife is an enabler. Your wife is a cheerleader. What kind of game do you think you're playing?" asked Larry via Twitter in response to George's post.

"She's both, but that doesn't mean I'm playing a game," replied George.

George's reply where he acknowledged that Kellyanne is the president's cheerleader and enabler received more than 300 retweets and about 3,500 likes. Quite a few people added tweets noting that they respected George for replying and acknowledging this about his wife while still speaking out and sharing his own opinions about Trump.

A recent report alleged that George has been open with friends in acknowledging that Kellyanne is essentially in a "cult" when it comes to the president. Insiders say that tensions between Kellyanne and George have been increasing in their marriage as the impeachment hearings progress and criticisms of the president escalate.

Despite any tense moments it creates within the Conway household, it doesn't appear that George is going to back down from his criticism of the president anytime soon. If anything, he seems to be increasingly outspoken and holds little back. At the same time, Kellyanne doesn't appear to be backing away from her ongoing support of Trump, either. Many people will be curious to see how the couple manages to navigate this divide in the months ahead.