‘World’s Hottest Math Teacher’ Oksana Neveselaya Sucks On A Lollipop In New Video

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Blond bombshell Oksana Neveselaya just wowed her 713,000 Instagram followers with a silly new video that included a number of clips — including a segment where she sucked on a lollipop. The video post has since been taken down. The Minsk-based beauty first earned social media fame after being named the “World’s Hottest Teacher” by websites like Ask Men, and the video certainly helps support why she earned the title.

The upload was a collage of a variety of different moments in the blond beauty’s life. It opened with Oksana opening her mouth only to put a pink lollipop inside. It then clipped to Oksana doing a number of silly hand gestures — including blowing a kiss — while on the side of the road in a large white puffer jacket and gray knit headband.

Next, the striking stunner exited a door while sporting tight leather pants, her long blond hair flowing behind her as she gave her best model’s strut.

Oksana then shared a clip of herself doing some boxing. Dressed in a black miniskirt and pink and black sports bra, she kicked and punched at her exercise partner.

Next came a snippet of the Belarus-born beauty posing on the stairs while wearing skintight black pants and a black and coffee-colored bustier. The image no doubt sent the pulses of her fans racing.

After the sizzling shot, the video cut to Oksana dressed in a trendy orange blazer, as she playfully wagged her finger as if in response to the previous clip.

Adding some humor into the mix, she also showed a clip where she banged her head against the table in exasperation.

Next was a sweet clip of Oksana relaxing at home with a set of ear-pods. Soon after, Oksana did the most risqué move of the video — spreading her legs while sitting on a desk. That said, she giggled soon after the move.

The video continued with a number of different snippets — ranging from balancing on desks to snuggling with her dog to modeling a white dress — until it ended with Oksana modeling the black and coffee-colored bustier once more.

The upload earned over 7,500 likes and more than 100 comments.

“Dear God,” raved an awestruck fan, along with three heart-eye emoji.

“You are such a babe. Wow!” added a second, with the fire emoji.

“Cuteness overloaded,” wrote a third, adding a red heart.

“Barbie the movie,” teased a fourth, with the crying-laughing face emoji.

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This is far from the first time Oksana has floored her fans. In fact, she earned incredible praise from her followers after modeling a black caged bralette, as was previously covered by The Inquisitr.