‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Suggest That Hayden Gets Tough, But She May Face A Deeply Difficult Decision Soon

Valerie DurantWalt Disney Television

Hayden Barnes is in a tough spot on General Hospital, and spoilers suggest that she may face some difficult decisions in the days ahead. During Friday’s show, she went to Wyndemere to talk with Valentin Cassadine, and he made her a substantial offer to get what he wants. What she doesn’t know is that Nikolas Cassadine was hiding around the corner and overheard the conversation, which could make for a sticky situation soon. Where does this head next?

Valentin knows that Hayden and Jasper Jacks have been anxious to uncover something at Wyndemere and now he feels fairly certain that their search is tied to the portrait of Helena Cassadine. Of course, Hayden initially had no reason to want to share what she knows with him. However, he offered to pay her a substantial sum of money to tell him why the portrait is so important.

Hayden seemingly agreed to accept Valentin’s offer. She told Valentin that once he transferred the money to an offshore account, she would give him the information he wants. Nikolas looked alarmed as he listened to this from behind a doorway, but General Hospital spoilers hint that she’s not ready to cough up the scoop yet.

Valentin scoffed at the idea he’d pay Hayden before getting anything from her in return. This will carry over into the week of November 25, and Hayden seems ready to do battle with Valentin.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Hayden will refuse to let someone bully her during next Tuesday’s episode. This certainly could refer to the situation between Hayden and Valentin, but at some point, Hayden will surely face difficult questions from Nikolas, too.

The weekly sneak peek filled with General Hospital spoilers for this week showed that Hayden would soon face an assault from a masked man. Due to the schedule shifts that have happened due to the televised impeachment hearings, this particular scene has been pushed out to next week. Is someone tied to Valentin responsible for this or is Hayden facing danger from another direction as well?

General Hospital spoilers have teased that Hayden may soon leave Port Charles. In fact, the buzz is that this is happening soon, perhaps even in the coming week. At this point, teasers do not mention Hayden again specifically beyond next Tuesday’s show. However, more information about whether this departure is really coming should emerge soon.

Will Hayden betray Nikolas and the deal they had made in order to take the big payday from Valentin? Will she try to maintain both deals and land in hot water as a result?

Fans are not happy to hear that Rebecca Budig may already be leaving General Hospital again, as she was just brought back not long ago. General Hospital spoilers signal that viewers will learn a lot more about what comes next for Hayden within the next few episodes, and it sounds as if the battle over the Cassadine fortune will get quite intense in the days ahead.