Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Flaunts Toned Bod In Sizzling New Instagram Pic

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shared a sneak peek set of photos from her shoot for Harper’s Bazaar Greece, with one of the images showcasing her toned body.

In the capture, The stunner was seen pulling down her outfit, which she unzipped to her hips. It appeared to be a full bodysuit with a black bra underneath. Her midriff was on full display, showing off her rock-hard abs. Rosie looked up to her left while pursing her lips. The model wore her hair down and slicked back over her shoulders. The most prominent part of her makeup was her glossy lipstick. Although the bombshell is usually seen exuding a happy, flirty vibe, this photo showed off her moody, sultry side.

The photo showed the stunner standing up and leaning on a blue, metal locker. Meanwhile, she popped her right hip to accentuate her curves. Both of her hands were on the bodysuit, with her black manicure visible on her left hand. Rosie wasn’t wearing a necklace in the shot but did opt for a ring on her middle finger. The room that she posed in was dim, although a beam of light lit up half of Rosie’s torso. Behind her were shutter curtains with little light streaming through.

Fans gushed about the photoset in the comment section.

“MY ONE AND ONLY QUEEN,” raved a follower.

“The fiercest there will ever be,” declared an admirer.

“Name a hotter woman on our planet right now?” said a fan.

“It’s not even funny how unreal she is,” expressed a fourth Instagram user.

The other photos from the set showed Rosie rocking a shiny trench coat, a colorful two-piece outfit with a graphic design, and a leopard-print dress that fell off her right shoulder. The first image seemed to most closely relate to the one where she showed off her midriff, as the lighting was similar and there was an industrial vibe: a woman could be seen in the background working on tools, as sparks flew into the air. Rosie posed with her back angled toward the camera and glanced over her right shoulder for that capture. She was wearing large hoop earrings and a piece of her hair fell down the center of her face.

Previously, the blond showed off her toned body in another social media post. It was a cropped shot of her bikini bod, as she rocked a floral two-piece. The bikini was mustard yellow with white flowers throughout. She accessorized with a teardrop-charm necklace. The necklace featured a chunky gold chain. Rosie sat aboard a boat with some ocean waters visible.