Demi Lovato’s Gift From Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Makes Her Feel ‘Really Old’

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Demi Lovato was touched — but also jokingly offended — when she received a present from Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello this week.

The couple, who were just nominated for a Grammy Award for their duet, “Señorita,” sent Lovato a bouquet of roses because they were reminded of how much she influenced them when they were younger. According to BuzzFeed, the “Tell Me You Love Me” singer shared the flowers, note, and her own commentary on her Instagram story.

In the note, the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” singers were open about Lovato’s inspiration.

“Hey Demi, We’re Thinking Of You, Talking About How Much You Inspired Us When We Were Kids,” they wrote. “Love, Shawn & Camila.”

Lovato captioned the post with her excited reaction, despite the fact that she felt “old now.”

“This is so f*cking sweet and cute.. and I also feel old now but it’s totally worth it because this is so thoughtful,” she said. “Thank you guys so much! @shawnmendes & @camila_cabello I love you both!”

Lovato is 27, Mendes is 21, and Cabello is 22. As BuzzFeed pointed out, that made Mendes 10 and Cabello 11 when Camp Rock came out in 2008 — and just 11 and 12 when a 17-year-old Lovato starred on her own Disney Channel series, Sonny With a Chance, a year later.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello attend the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.
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Mendes and Cabello are currently up for a 2020 Grammy Award in the category of Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Señorita.” Lovato was nominated in the same category last year for her feature on Christina Aguilera’s “Fall in Line.”

In between getting gifts from her “younger” peers, Lovato has been extremely busy both on the acting and music fronts.

As The Inquisitr reported, she recently showed off her faux baby bump on Instagram as part of a guest-starring role on Will & Grace. Though the bump looked surprisingly real in the singer’s form-fitting, polka-dotted dress, she quickly revealed it was for a part on the long-running sitcom by using the hashtags “#WillAndGrace” and “#MeetJenny.”

In addition to her sitcom news, Lovato also revealed on Instagram that she’s working on new music and has been in the studio with manager Scooter Braun. In fact, she reposted a comment from a fan on her Instagram story who said, “Demi is pregnant with D7,” referring to the “Sober” singer’s seventh album. “This is true,” Lovato commented. Both Lovato and Braun shared videos on their Instagram stories of them in the studio together, teasing new music that will be coming.