Bretman Rock Asks ‘Can People Just Let Me Be Sad For Once’ After Fans Show Up Uninvited To Father’s Funeral

Roy RochlinGetty Images

Bretman Rock chided his 4 million Twitter followers on Thursday while recounting his experience being bombarded by fans who showed up uninvited to his father’s funeral.

The YouTube star, who recently took home the People’s Choice Award for Beauty Influencer of 2019, took to social media to ask for privacy while he and his family grieve the death of his father. Rock’s father passed away on November 7 after battling an unknown condition in the hospital.

“Can people just let me be sad for onces [sic]… I’m here in the Philippines for my dad who just passed, don’t come to my house and ask me for pictures.. so many people showed up to my dads funeral uninvited and started taking pics of my dad and my family.. Like why? It’s common sense.”

Fans of the beauty influencer allegedly traveled to the Philippines to surprise Rock at both his home and his father’s memorial service; some admirers also insisted on selfies with him and his family.

The YouTuber was outraged.

“I just don’t understand why people think it’s okay to ask me for pictures when my eyes are literally swollen from crying… How you gonna say ‘condolences, can we take a picture?'”

This follows a long history of fans demanding access to Rock’s personal life. On November 5, Rock shared that his father had slipped into a coma and was admitted to the hospital in critical condition after a fan asked on Twitter why he hadn’t posted to Instagram all day.

Rock has enjoyed an almost meteoric rise to fame over his seven years on the video streaming platform. With nearly 7 million subscribers on YouTube and 14 million followers on Instagram, he has become a leading authority in the beauty industry on cosmetics and fashion, releasing frequent product sampling compilations, clothing hauls, and makeup reviews. He also delves into life with his family with humorous video uploads about their day-to-day life in Hawaii. This intimate insight into his life affords him little privacy. Followers are able to track his every movement, with many fans broadcasting his travel plans all over social media, according to reports from GMA News Online.

Following the passing of his father, Bretman Rock posted photos of himself crying on Instagram, telling his fans that is is “okay to cry.”

Fans of the 21-year-old social media star expressed their outrage, sympathy, and condolences online.

Some members of the Beauty Guru Chatter subreddit compared this incident to the Dolan twins, who had to ask fans on their social media channels not to attend their father’s funeral.

“This makes me think of the Dolan twins,” one user wrote on Reddit. “When their father passed, they literally had to make a public statement to their fans to NOT show up to the funeral. Some people are effing crazy and delusional.”