Padma Lakshmi Embraces Concept Of Self-Care In Tranquil Copper Tub Filled With Flower Petals

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Top Chef judge Padma Lakshmi got her Instagram followers buzzing with her latest post. The 49-year-old beauty noted that she was ready for some self-care after months of travel and it looks like she had a very specific approach in mind.

Padma shared this latest photo via her Instagram page on Thursday evening. She was nude in a copper bathtub, with flower petals floating around her. Padma had her feet propped up on one edge of the tub and her eyes closed, as she laid her head on the edge of the tub opposite her feet.

The milky water in the copper tub was just high enough to hint at Padma’s gorgeous figure without revealing too much. Her long, lean legs were visible up to her thighs and followers could see a peek of her breasts without the sultry snapshot crossing any modesty lines.

Padma’s long, dark hair was wet and pulled back into a loose bun and she appeared to be going makeup-free for this enticing photo.

The Top Chef star did note that this was a throwback photo, but she didn’t share any specifics regarding when it was taken. It appears that the photo was one that represented exactly the setting that Padma thought would suit her self-care needs in this particular moment. It doesn’t appear that she has previously shared this photo on her Instagram page and her fans loved the enticing setup.

In her caption, Padma added a hashtag, signaling that the thought of a relaxing bath like this gave her a deep sigh and it looks like her fans were on board with that sentiment. More than 30,000 of the Top Chef star’s 606,000 fans have already liked the post and more than 560 people have also commented.

“Sexiness in serenity,” noted one of Padma’s followers.

“My god what a sensational image!” praised another fan.

“I’m ok with being judged. Superwoman right here to me. And I won’t say debate me because it’s not debatable,” challenged another of Padma’s supporters.

Fans of the Top Chef judge know that she tends to maintain a busy schedule. Between filming the show, traveling for pleasure, parenting her daughter Krishna and maintaining her amazing figure, she doesn’t seem to allow herself much downtime. But, despite her busy schedule, Padma makes it clear that she considers taking care of herself a priority. This tranquil setting seems like just the strategy to recoup from a crazy run of travel and it looks like her fans would love to see more.