Why Carrie Underwood Threatened To Unfollow Husband Mike Fisher On Instagram

Mike Fisher may want to tone down his parody videos on social media if he wants to keep wife Carrie Underwood as a follower on his Instagram account. The retired hockey player found himself in his wife’s bad books this week after he swapped ice hockey to step into her musical lane as he posted a video of himself pretending to sing.

The former captain of the Nashville Predators — who officially retired from the game last year — revealed how he’s been spending his retirement on Instagram earlier this week while promoting his line of hunting gear, Catchin’ Deers.

Mike took to Instagram to share a preview of himself as he tried his hand at the music world. He posted the hilarious parody video that showed him singing along to Lonestar’s 1999 hit “Amazed,” though the athlete had cleverly changed the lyrics to the country song to make them about a buck.

While the star’s more than 547,000 followers seemed to find his attempts to sing pretty hilarious, it turns out his wife of nine years wasn’t exactly so thrilled.

Carrie took to the comments section of the post to share her thoughts and wasn’t afraid to make it known she wasn’t exactly impressed by his voice. She hilariously joked that she’d actually unfollow her husband if he didn’t stop.

“Don’t make me unfollow you,” the “Something in the Water” singer jokingly threatened, per Pop Culture.


While the mom of Mike’s two children may not have been too thrilled with his upload, others seemed to be a little more interested in his singing techniques.

Many others flooded to the comments section to let the star know they thought he was pretty hilarious.

“Dude- great job!!! Like it!!!” one person commented.

Another said, “I’m dying for a duet with you and @carrieunderwood.”


“Love it haha!!” a third said after seeing the clip, with a thumbs-up emoji and a big smiley face.

“[Hunter’s] of the world unite! This is awesome,” a fourth comment read.

In the video, Mike could be seen dressed in camo gear as he poked a little fun at traditional music videos.


He hilariously strummed his hunting gear like a guitar and enthusiastically lip-synced along while holding deer antlers in his hands.

The parody clip has been viewed more than 104,000 times, while Mike urged fans to check out the full video with a link in the caption.

Earlier this week, Mike caused another stir on social media after he shared snaps of himself and his wife doing a little shooting together. In the photos, the two took part in a charity clay pigeon shoot in Nashville to benefit the Nashville Predators Foundation. Carrie even posed with a shotgun in one of the shots as she enthusiastically supported her husband.