‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Tracy Quartermaine’s Return To Port Charles Confirmed

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Earlier this week, rumors started to circulate among General Hospital fans suggesting that actress Jane Elliot might return as Tracy Quartermaine. Sometimes these rumors linger for a while before being confirmed. However, that isn’t the case this time. Jane is reprising her iconic role, and a few spoilers about what’s coming up have now emerged.

Entertainment Weekly confirms that Jane is making a return to General Hospital as Tracy. Unfortunately, they did not share an exact air date for the first episode featuring the core Quartermaine character. However, they noted that viewers would first see Tracy pop up in Port Charles sometime in December.

The first sneak peek shared by EW shows a glimpse of Tracy, but there is virtually no context included. Jane’s hair is styled in a short bob in a honey blond color, a more subdued style than the character often sported in her earlier days. She is wearing a simple cream top and necklace, and she may be standing in a room at the Quartermaine mansion.

Tracy looks rather serious in this still shot as if she is listening to someone else talk and is preparing her retort. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Tracy returns to Port Charles for the holidays, but she may be back to shake things up with ELQ in some way as well.

The teaser that Tracy might be back in Port Charles in part to deal with ELQ business does provide some hint about Jane’s upcoming storyline. As General Hospital fans know, Oscar left his ELQ shares to Shiloh in his will. This caused an uproar in the Quartermaine family, and they vowed to fight it.

Shiloh is now dead, but Nelle suggested that she may have secretly managed to marry the former Dawn of Day leader. She told her lawyer Martin she was expecting a massive payday, and it could be that this battle is about to escalate.

It is not known how long Jane will be back as Tracy, but it is almost certainly for a relatively short-term arc. Fans will surely have no shortage of ideas regarding how Tracy could shake things up in Port Charles or who they would like to see her interact with while she’s back.

Tracy left town to reunite with Luke, but there is no sense at this point that Anthony Geary is returning to General Hospital alongside Jane. However, Tracy and Laura could certainly shake things up a bit. This should give viewers a chance to see more of Tracy’s son Ned, and her granddaughter Brook Lynn just returned to town, too.

More General Hospital spoilers detailing what fans can expect with Tracy’s return should emerge soon, and viewers cannot wait to see what’s in store with this storyline.