'Frozen 2' After-Credits Scene: Viewers May Want To Stick Around To The Very End Of The New Disney Sequel

Frozen 2 viewers may want to resist the urge to leave the theater once the final credits start to roll.

The Disney sequel hits theaters this week with much anticipation, reviving the adventures of Anna and Elsa almost exactly six years after the original Frozen hit theaters. The sequel comes with plenty of attention and speculation over whether it can top the record-setting $1.27 billion box office gross from the original, but also about whether the new movie will break form from the first and include an after-credits scene.

For those who may have never thought to stay until the very end of a movie, the after-credits scene is a short final scene that plays once all the credits are done rolling. These usually serve to tie up a loose end or insert a final joke, an increasingly popular trope that the Disney has used to some great success.

Unlike the first movie, Frozen 2 will have a reason for viewers to stick in their seats — and some rewards for them along the way as well. As The Wrap reported, there is indeed an after-credits scene in Frozen 2, and during the credits themselves, there are some "alternate takes" on the movie's songs. Jonathan Groff, the actor who plays Kristoff, sings one of the movie's biggest songs, Elsa's "Into The Unknown." Country singer Kacey Musgraves also has a rendition of "All is Found," and the credits end with Weezer performing "Lost In the Woods."

Once viewers have made it through the songs, there is a final scene to give viewers some assurance to one of the more tense moments of the movie.

Warning: There are some Frozen 2 spoilers ahead.

During the movie, the anthropomorphic snowman Olaf (Josh Gad) gives viewers a short but hilarious recap of the events in the original Frozen that led up to the circumstances of the second movie. He reprises this for the final scene, giving another recap of everything that happened in Frozen 2, including his own near-death moment. Like in the first movie, Olaf had come close to melting before being saved by Elsa.

As Newsweek noted, Olaf also came back to the idea that "water has memory," which played a major role in the plot of Frozen 2.

As the scene comes to an end, Olaf says, "And thus, I live, and so do you." It first appears that he is speaking directly to viewers, but the camera then shows he is actually talking to a group of baby snowmen along with Marshmallow, the snowman guardian of Elsa's ice castle from the first Frozen movie.