Pete Davidson Poses As A Nude Ken Doll For Bizarre 'Break The Internet' Photo Shoot

Pete Davidson posed for a nude photo shoot with a famous "girlfriend," but it wasn't the supermodel he's currently linked with. The 26-year-old Saturday Night Live funnyman posed as a bottomless Ken, the plastic boyfriend of Mattel icon Barbie, for a new photo shoot.

In a series of photos posted to Paper magazine, Davidson is shown as a nearly nude Ken doll for the magazine's annual "Break the Internet" issue. For the magazine's cover, Davidson is shown wearing a colorful printed top that shows off his many upper body tattoos, but he is wearing no bottoms as his doll parts are on display down under. The star is posing in a bathroom for the unusual pic, and he is wearing one white sock.

Other photos show a pajama-clad Pete hanging out in his plastic character's race car-themed bedroom, spending time outside, and by the bathtub with Barbie, who is portrayed by actress and model Julia Fox.

The concept for the bizarre photo spread was dreamed up by Davidson's longtime friend Tommy Dorfman. In the accompanying interview, Dorfman said he pitched a Ken doll concept, but Davidson wanted to portray a darker version of Barbie's usually sunny boy toy.

"He'd told me he slept in a car bed as a kid and I saw it immediately: this Staten Island Ken Doll version of Pete stuck in a Barbie nightmare, pills everywhere. 'You'd be like depressed Ken,' I said. 'Yeah! And d*ckless, like, with Ken-d*ck,' [Pete] said, and the whole car exploded with laughter," Dorfman recalled.

In the comments section to an Instagram photo of Davidson's nude cover look, reaction was mixed. Some fans noted the "play" on the "big d*ck energy" comment that Davidson's ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande previously made about his anatomy.

"So so y'all trynna be funny by playing on the BDE energy joke," a fan noted.

"You took away the one good part of his body? Smh," another added.

"This is so thank you next," a third fan joked.

In the interview, Davidson said the idea of his image as a "sexual icon" is "weird," but he also addressed his split from former fiancee Grande, as previously shared by The Inquisitr. The comedian said he hopes the "Thank U Next" star is happy one year after their high-profile breakup. Davidson is currently dating supermodel Kaia Gerber.

Davidson's bizarre Ken doll cover look comes on the heels of Paper's past "Break the Internet" photo shoots with Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and Amanda Bynes.