Bucks Rumors: Bogdan Bogdanovic Could Be ‘Best Option’ To Replace Malcolm Brogdon, Per ‘The Ringer’

Christian PetersenGetty Images

The Milwaukee Bucks’ decision to part ways with Malcolm Brogdon in the 2019 NBA offseason had earned plenty of criticism, especially from fans who believe that the former Rookie of the Year would be one player who could lead the team back to title contention. Though they signed Wesley Matthews and Kyle Korver in free agency, none of them could fill the hole Brogdon left on the Bucks’ roster. In his recent article, Jonathan Tjarks of The Ringer discussed Brogdon’s departure from Milwaukee and how the Bucks will be able to fix their offseason mistake.

Giannis Antetokounmpo may have won the 2019 Most Valuable Player award, but no one can deny the fact that Brogdon also played a major role in the Bucks’ success last season. If the Bucks want to have a better chance of fully dominating the Eastern Conference and winning the NBA championship title in the 2019-20 NBA season, they should strongly consider trading for a veteran who has a similar skillset as Brogdon. According to Tjarks, the “best option” for the Bucks to replace Brogdon is Bogdan Bogdanovic of the Sacramento Kings.

“The best option is probably Sacramento’s Bogdan Bogdanovic,” Tjarks wrote. “Bogdanovic, a 27-year-old in his third season from Serbia, is an elite shooter (43.8 percent from 3 on 6.8 attempts per game) who can also run point (4.8 assists on 1.9 turnovers per game). According to NBA Advanced Stats, he’s currently averaging 7.6 drives per game, which would rank third on the Bucks’ roster behind Giannis and Eric Bledsoe. He has never really gotten the chance to show what he can do in Sacramento, where he has been stuck behind Buddy Hield and De’Aaron Fox. He could be a star in Milwaukee.”

The Kings are yet to make Bogdanovic officially available on the trading block but since the 2019-20 NBA season started, rumors have been circulating that the Serbian shooting guard is no longer happy with his role in Sacramento. With his impressive performance on both ends of the floor, Bogdanovic undeniably deserves to be a starter. However, the only way that the Kings could grant his request is if either Buddy Hield or Harrison Barnes needs to rest or suffer an injury.

If the Kings don’t have any plan to give Bogdanovic a decent deal next summer, trading him before the 2020 February NBA trade deadline would be their best option than losing him as a free agent without getting anything in return. Once Bogdanovic becomes available on the trade market, the Bucks should immediately grab the opportunity to add him to their roster.

As of now, it remains unknown what type of trade asset the Kings are looking for in a potential Bogdanovic deal. However, Tjarks believes that the Bucks “should overpay” for a player like Bogdanovic. Bogdanovic is yet to reach the level of Brogdon, but he is definitely capable of filling the hole he left on their team. Being on a title-contending team that could give him a starting role and significant playing time could help Bogdanovic unleash his hidden potential, which would speed up his development into a legitimate NBA superstar in the league.