Bernie Sanders’ ‘Suspiciously Smooth Forehead’ At Debate Sparks Conspiracy Theory

Alex WongGetty Images

A recent Washington Free Beacon article highlighted Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders‘ “suspiciously smooth forehead” at Wednesday’s presidential debate. The article compares Sanders’ forehead during the debate to its appearance during a campaign event on October 24 and appears to suggest that he may have undergone a cosmetic procedure to achieve his “unusually wrinkle-free” forehead.

The conspiracy theory was addressed on social media, and many found it humorous.

“‘Bernie Sanders flaunts suspiciously smooth forehead’ is probably the most unintentionally hilarious phrase of this week… but the week isn’t over yet,” one user tweeted.


“Bernie just keeps getting smoother, and the right-wing media is terrified,” another chimed in.

“Smooth Bernie is easily the funniest conspiracy theory this year,” tweeted TYT Investigates reporter Ken Klippenstein.

Another user suggested that Sanders’ smooth forehead is likely due to a combination of a change in the angle of lighting and shadows, as well as the Vermont senator’s facial expression. Others noted that wearing makeup is the standard for television appearances to make everyone look as appealing to the eye as possible.

Outside of strange conspiracy theories, Sanders drew attention Wednesday for his solid performance. Writing for The Nation, John Nichols suggested that the 78-year-old candidate won the foreign policy debate on Wednesday.

“Sanders seized every opportunity to outline foreign-policy alternatives in the fifth round of Democratic debating,” Nichols wrote, highlighting Sanders’ call-out of Donald Trump’s approach to dealing with Saudi Arabia.

“Saudi Arabia is not a reliable ally,” Sanders said before arguing that the U.S. should be helping the Saudis and Iranians negotiate.

Afterward, Sanders touched on the Israel-Palestine conflict, earning applause from the Atlanta, Georgia, crowd.

“The same thing goes with Israel and the Palestinians. It is no longer good enough for us to be pro-Israel, I am pro-Israel, but we must treat the Palestinians with the dignity they deserve.”

Sanders’ decision to stick up for the dignity of Palestinians earned him praise from New York City Councilman Brad Lander, who is a supporter of Sanders’ rival, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

The Vermont senator used the debate to contrast his fight against the Iraq War to frontrunner Joe Biden, who supported the war.

As The Inquisitr reported, Sanders is tied with Biden in a new Emerson College poll with 27 percent support. Sanders’ last two debate performances have been well-received and — despite a health scare — RealClearPolitics reports that he has pulled into second place in overall polling average, bumping Warren into third.