Jojo Babie Exposes Chest In Red Lingerie & The Flirty Captions Drive Fans Wild

Jojo Babie showed off a super revealing look today on Instagram as she rocked skimpy red lingerie. The photo was a selfie, and the stunner posed while standing up. The lingerie was in the silhouette of a teddy, except it was mostly comprised of just straps. A red lace accent censored her chest and midriff, and made a “Y” shape. What little of the lace was there was see-through, which meant that much of Jojo’s curves were left on display.

The top of the flirty lingerie set outlined her chest, while her midriff was decorated by straps that hugged her hips and waist. A sparkling accent glittered by her belly button, which could have been a belly ring.

The stunner held the phone in her right hand, as she took the photo of her reflection in the mirror. Her French manicure could be seen, while she pouted slightly. Jojo sported dark eyeshadow and mascara, along with light pink lipstick. Her eyes also popped thanks to her dark eyeliner. She glanced at her phone screen, as it gave off a slight glow on the model’s face. She wore her hair down, with some of her locks brushed in front of her right shoulder.

Jojo posed in front of a blank wall, with a gold frame visible to her right. The photo also captured a dark yellow glow from the lighting. There was a beam of light that lit up the left side of the frame. Meanwhile, the bombshell leaned to her right slightly, as she tugged at a strap with her right hand. But it wasn’t just the photo that was flirty, as her captions drove fans wild. They left rave reviews in the comments section.

“Stop doing this, I’m going blind,” wrote a follower.

“Just about fell off my chair!” exclaimed a fan.

“Aww what was the question Jo!! Got distracted!! lol,” declared an admirer.

“Got D*mn…This Pic Is FYYYYRRRRREEEE…Asian Persuasion…,” gushed a fourth Instagram user.

Previously, the model wore another skimpy piece of lingerie. Except this time, it was a tiny bra. It was so small that her chest spilled out from the bottom. She sat up on the edge of a bed, as she played with her hair with one hand. Part of her face was obscured by her phone, as she brushed her locks in front of her left shoulder. Jojo paired the bra with matching bottoms, which featured multiple side straps.