Camille Kostek Throws Her Leg Into The Air While Rocking A Bodysuit

Camille Kostek shared a new video clip with her Instagram fans, as she rocked a bodysuit and threw her leg into the air. The blond stunner was seen posing on the edge of a large rock formation, with blue and wispy clouds in the backdrop. She wore a white bodysuit with a high cut in the back, along with a long-sleeved top. Also eye-catching were here silver boots, which reached her upper calves.

The clip began with a look at Camille as she braced herself with her arms and popped her left knee. She was seen posing with her left shoulder facing the camera. The video clip was taken from a low vantage point. The Sports Illustrated cover girl first threw her right leg into the air, which she lowered before throwing her head back. From there, she switched to extending her left leg in front. She then snapped her head back to the camera, as she smiled widely throughout. It looked like she was about to get up when the clip ended. The sun shone on Camille's hair, as she showed off her toned legs.

Camille wore her hair down in curls, which fell down her back and in the front of her shoulders. The clip appeared to be a series of dance moves, which is fitting considering she's often promoting the #NeverNotDancing hashtag. Or perhaps it's something reminiscent of her New England Patriots cheerleading days.

Fans left tons of nice compliments in the comments section.

"Photoshoot, but Make it a Music Video," wrote a follower.

"Seems like an awesome shoot!!!" exclaimed an admirer.

"Where can we find a wild Camille? You're a unicorn!" gushed a fan, referring to the captions.

"Wish I was gronk," expressed a fourth Instagram user.

Camille and Rob Gronkowski have been dating since around 2015 or 2016. They met while she was a cheerleader and Rob was still playing football. They seem to be happy together after all these years, although it's hard to know if they'll ever be taking the next step in their relationship.

In addition, the model shared another update a month ago where she showed off her dance moves. This time, she was seen rocking a pair of tight yoga pants. Camille held a copy of a Sports Illustrated magazine and paired the pants with an oversized sweater. The sweater was black, white, and blue. The video clip was all about showing off her personality, as she made silly faces and danced throughout.