Emily Ratajkowski Admires Her Mirror Image In A Booty Conscious Catsuit From Her Inamorata Women Collection

Emily Ratajkowski has been busy on Instagram on November 21. She shared a mirror image of herself wearing a booty conscious one-piece garment. In a previous Instagram post from earlier on Thursday, EmRata also rocked the same white catsuit, a garment that is part of a new line designed for Inamorata Woman, the star’s own fashion brand.

In her most recent social media upload, Emily added a brown leather belt with gold embellishments to the otherwise plain outfit. The clingy getup consisted of a high neck, exaggerated armhole cutouts, and skintight material that hugged every inch of the Vogue model’s enviable body.

The ensemble, which looked like it had been sprayed on, seemed to indicate that Emily was not wearing any underwear. She did not reveal any visible panty lines nor did she show any signs that she had donned a bra before putting on the catsuit. As she posed, she stuck out her pear-shaped bottom, causing her small waist to look even tinier than it is in real life.

When the camera caught the brunette beauty in its lens, EmRata had been looking over her shoulder as she peered into a full-length mirror. Her straight hair was parted in the middle, with strands falling onto her back, her front, and to both sides.

For the shot, the 28-year-old stunner wore a full face of makeup, including darkened brows, black liner and lashes, and a neutral-colored pout. Her lips were partially parted when the sexy snap was taken.

Adding a bit of bling to her look, EmRata wore an elegant diamond ring on the fourth finger of her left hand which had also been the recipient of a clean French manicure.


Emily’s most recent Instagram upload garnered plenty of attention from her 24.6 million fans. After one hour of being shared, a litany of admirers liked the post while dozens offered comments regarding her mirror image picture.

Many used emoji to convey their thoughts, with all kinds of symbols standing for words, including flame, heart-eye, red lip print, clapping hand, and red rosebud emoji.

Others wrote how they felt, using many different languages to express their feelings, indicative of EmRata’s worldwide appeal. Spanish, Italian, and English were among the most common used.

“Very nice mirror,” said one fan in English, who added a thumbs-up emoji.

“I’m suing for virtual torture,” stated a second humorous follower, also writing in English.

“But you are catwoman looking for the claw of the undersigned my love,” remarked another Instagram user, who wrote the original message in Italian.

“Marry me,” a fourth admirer requested in English, who addressed Emily even though she is already wed.