Hannah Godwin & Dylan Barbour Talk ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Romance & Where Things Head Next

Jon KopaloffGetty Images

The Season 6 finale of Bachelor in Paradise brought an engagement for Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour, and the two are still going strong. Hannah and Dylan recently opened up about how their relationship is developing and addressed questions about whether they are ready to start planning for a wedding.

In a chat with Us Weekly, Dylan said that he and Hannah do talk about wedding plans, but just in a loose way for now. Hannah noted that they are just focused on having fun as a couple for now and aren’t looking to pin down any wedding specifics, yet.

Hannah has moved to California, but she is in Los Angeles, while Dylan lives in San Diego. However, they said they see one another about four days a week and that is working well for them for now.

“It’s really not bad at all, to be honest. We’re just focused on our careers right now, and when we’re ready, we’ll move in together,” Dylan explained.

In fact, the couple told ET Online, they haven’t spent more than eight days apart since falling for one another. Hannah noted that they’ve essentially made a pact to go no longer than a week without being together and the two seemingly take turns driving or taking the train between their locales.

Dylan and Hannah recently had a fun, first Halloween together, and now they’re facing a full holiday season of celebrations. Next up for the Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds is introducing their families to one another.

They will all be spending Thanksgiving together with Hannah’s family traveling to California for the holiday. Hannah noted that the two moms have already “met” via FaceTime and text one another regularly, but this will be everybody’s first in-person chance to spend time together.

An engagement party is in the works and it sounds as if Hannah and Dylan have done some thinking about their wedding day. Hannah wants to surprise Dylan with her wedding dress. She envisions choosing something that helps her feel like her true self and a bit feminine.

Hannah and Dylan also say they will likely get married somewhere local, seemingly meaning in San Diego or Los Angeles. They want dancing, comfortable weather and perhaps an In-N-Out food truck. Aside from those ideas, it seems that the Bachelor in Paradise stars are holding off on any in-depth planning for now.

Will Hannah and Dylan end up tying the knot eventually? Bachelor in Paradise fans are definitely rooting for them to go the distance.